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Matilda child star Mara Wilson opens up about being sexualised aged 12: ‘I saw things that I couldn’t unsee’

Mara Wilson, actress best known for her childhood role in Mrs. Doubtfire And Matildaexperienced being sexually assaulted as a young girl.

Wilson, 35, wrote a memoir – Good Girls Don’t – in which she navigates the social pressures placed on girls from childhood through adolescence. The book examines the friendships Wilson forged as an infant in Hollywood and the complex family relationships that shaped her.

In an interview about the book, Wilson said she was “sexualized” by members of the public who had seen her in 90s movies.

Explain to Guard that adult men would try to contact her when she was young, she said: “I’ve had people send me inappropriate letters and post things about me online. I made the mistake of looking up Google when I was 12 and seeing things I couldn’t help but see.”

The picture of Wilson was posted on pornographic websites, with her head superimposed on a woman’s body.

She also talked about the impact of being in the media attention at a young age. “People don’t realize how heavy it is to be constantly talking to the press as a child,” she said, adding that when she was seven, journalists would ask if she knew. What is a French kiss, or which actor do you find “the sexiest”. “.

“When you have fans, you’re not yourself when you’re out in public, and there were times when I had a bad day, because I was an emotional teenager, or because of my mother,” Wilson said. just passed away. “

The actor’s mother died when Wilson was 9 years old. Wilson says the loss of her mother, who has always protected her and fought for her children to be treated well in the industry, has left her “totally disoriented”.

Mara Wilson photographed in 2019

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IN Mrs. Doubtfire (1993), Wilson played Natalie Hillard – the daughter of Robin Williams’ character. IN Matilda (1996), she starred as a young girl neglected by her parents and immersed in books.

Wilson is now a writer – her former memoir Where am I? debuted in 2016. She also does voice-over work, including audio books and fiction podcasts Welcome to Night Valley.


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