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Brandon Weatherz: Gloom lingers today

The gloom from the weekend has dragged into the beginning of our working week. The dense fog advisory is in effect until 10 a.m. as areas near Lake Superior have reduced visibility by nearly a quarter of a mile. Take the time to drive slowly and use your headlights. Fog will be most widespread in the morning, but fog is expected to last throughout the day. This evening and tonight dense fog becomes more common. The road to work on Tuesday morning could be another foggy, then we should eventually see improved visibility Tuesday afternoon.

Occasional showers and thunderstorms over Northland today and tonight through Tuesday morning. High pressure residing over the Great Lakes will bring drier air allowing for a pause in rain Tuesday afternoon. Showers will return Tuesday night, then Wednesday will be generally clear with low probability of prolongation. Another string of possible rainy days will begin on Thursday and take us through the Minnesota Fishing Opener into the weekend.

As for temperatures, today will continue to be much cooler around Lake Superior with dozens of people in their 40s. Inland highs from mid-50s to mid-60s. East wind strongest today. The lake’s influence will gradually wane tomorrow and Wednesday as temperatures tend to get warmer. By Wednesday, anywhere away from Lake Superior will be at 70 degrees. The 70s are still for inland communities on Thursday and Friday, but a pleasant breeze will once again develop.

Today: Cloudy and light wind, fog and occasional showers. High 48. Wind E 10-15 mph. Chance of rain: 60%.

Tonight: Cloudy and foggy with a chance for showers. Low 41. Wind E 5-15 mph. Chance of rain: 40%.

Tomorrow: Fog and showers in places in the morning, then cloudy. High 60. Southeast wind 5-10 mph. Chance of rain: 20%

Tomorrow night: Cloudy, showers. Low 43. East wind 2-8 mph. Chance of rain: 50%.

Wednesday: Cloudy in the morning, with showers in some places, cloudy in the afternoon. High 66. Southeast wind 5-10 mph. Chance of rain: 20%.

Thursday: Cloudy, possible showers in the afternoon. High 68. Southeast wind 5-10 mph. Chance of rain: 30%

Friday: Cloudy and light wind, possible showers. High 62. Wind E 10-15 mph. Chance of rain: 30%

Saturday: Cloudy and light wind, possible showers. High 58. Wind E 10-20 mph. Chance of rain: 30%

Sunday: Cloudy and light winds, with chance of morning showers. High 62. NE wind 10-15 mph.


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