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Meghan McCain writes scathing column about ‘disastrous’ time on The View

Meghan McCain has spoken out about her “catastrophic” time on the internet View mode in a withered column.

The former talk show host left the show in July 2021 after four seasons of presenting alongside co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin.

Months later, she revealed in her book Bad Republicthe reason she left was due to an argument on air with Behar, which brought her to tears.

Since then, McCain has spoken out about her “toxic” experience, but she decided to make further statements in a new column for Daily mailpublished on Friday (April 21).

‘I imagine myself as a former co-host of ABC News’ View mode feels like having a very public, very uncomfortable breakup with a scandalous ex-boyfriend,” she began.

“Everybody knows it ended in total disaster. And of course everyone wants to talk about it.”

Continuing, she explained that while she was “always hesitant to remake it,” she’s had clarity over the past few years and is now “at peace with that part of her professional life.” .

Joy Behar (top right), Meghan McCain (bottom right), Whoopi Goldberg (top left) and Sunny Hostin (bottom left) on ‘The View’


She added: “Nothing on God’s green earth could convince me to go back to that set again.

“May the bridges I burn light the way.”

“I’ve never revealed this before, but I’ve also been pushed away by the show’s producers from a topic that I think is newsworthy,” she said.

independence contacted View mode to comment.

She cited instances on the show where she, an outspoken Republican, was not discussed on topics such as the 2019 Democratic blackmail scandal of the former Virginia Governor. Ralph Northam.

Elsewhere, she opened up about the “terrible treatment” she said she had suffered from her co-hosts. She recounted her past story of Behar telling her “she doesn’t miss me at all” on the air.

“I went to my office after the show, threw up in the trash, called my brother and cried bitterly and decided to leave the show that day,” McCain said.

“The only way to survive on that show is to make vanilla pudding. Don’t say anything controversial to the elite, keep your head down and don’t really do the job you were hired to do, which is to speak your authentic opinion.”


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