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Met Eireann issue ‘heatwave’ weather update as ‘Mediterranean airstream’ forecast off Ireland

The Met Eireann has issued its latest weather forecast suggesting a “Mediterranean air current” will approach the Irish coast next month.

Continental Europe looks set to be dominated by a warm air current that will eventually reach Ireland from the south coast.

However, the warmest temperatures look set to miss Ireland but will affect weather in the UK, where temperatures can hit 30 degrees Celsius in July.

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While the Met Eireann has ruled out any prolonged heatwave in Ireland, they have pinpointed the day when temperatures will be above average for that time of year.

For the week of Friday, July 14 to Thursday, July 20, it said: “The forecast for week 3 is increasingly uncertain. There is a slight signal of higher pressure over Ireland, providing more stable conditions with average air temperatures expected to be above average. Precipitation values ​​are signaling normal or drier than average for most areas with the exception of some northern areas which may see slightly more than average rainfall.”

The Met Eireann forecast for the rest of the week suggests that most places will remain dry but there will be a chance of scattered showers.


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