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Met Eireann weather forecast update as Irish shop video shows ‘dust devil tornado’ spinning

This is the eerie moment caught on camera as a ‘devil dust vortex’ took off quickly outside a small shop in Ireland as warm weather continued across the country.

The video, taken around Saturday night, shows small vortexes collecting dust and spinning left-to-right over the ground in a rare moment for Irish meteorology.

Tiny whirlwinds are forming as the hot weather gets even hotter as the National Weather Service predicts a day of 24 degrees Celsius as June begins with a big bang.

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Mannion’s Farm said: “We had a surprise visit today from this little dust demon. Dust devils are small vortexes that form when hot air rises rapidly along with cool air. than above it. The hot air causes a spinning motion like a tornado.”

Sunday will be a much cooler day than Saturday with 19 degrees Celsius dropping to as low as 4 degrees overnight but Monday is when the weather starts to get interesting.

The Met Eireann said: “Tomorrow will be a dry day and generally sunny, however the sun can be a bit cloudy. The sun is warm again with a common highest temperature of 17 to 22 degrees, hottest in the east. However, the eastern seaboard will be several degrees cooler with mild to moderate easterly winds.”


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