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Met Office weather forecast for Leeds today – including warning over UV levels

The Met Office warned of high UV levels when the UK temperature reached 21C. A national weather forecaster has warned if you’re out in the sun you should be aware of high UV levels.

The Met Office has warned of UV levels of up to 8 in the Plymouth area. Across the UK, UV zones will range from 3 to 8 today (May 21).

If you are in the South of England you should be especially cautious about wearing UV protection. The midlands will also have a UV level of 7, just one level below the peak UV forecast.

UK weather forecast

The warning from the Met Office comes as UK weather forecasts are expected to hit a peak of 21C today (Sunday, May 21). The warmest temperatures are expected in Manchester – not good news for today’s Great Manchester Run participants.

Elsewhere, Cardiff is expected to hit a peak of 20 degrees Celsius and London is forecast to reach 19 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, in cooler Aberdeen, they will only see maximum temperatures of around 11 degrees. C.

What UV level is safe?

Low UV levels mean you’re safe outside with limited risk. The levels range from 0 to 2.

If UV levels are between 3 and 7, you should seek shade by midday. If the UV level is 8 or higher, you should avoid going out at noon.

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