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Mets News: Today’s Mets game against the Braves has been postponed

Mets game today against Atlanta Braves has been postponed due to inclement weather in New York. The rain started last night during the game (ultimately causing the game to end early) and shows no sign of stopping for this afternoon’s game. The game will be played on August 12, as part of a matchmaking game in the next and only other meeting with the Braves at Citi Field this season. The first game will start at 1:10 pm and followed by the second game at 7:15 pm

Tylor Megill was scheduled to start today’s game for the Mets. While this will temporarily push him off tomorrow, it is likely that tomorrow’s game will also be postponed as the inclement weather continues into Monday. If tomorrow is postponed, scheduling will be a bit difficult, with the options being a doubles match on Monday, after which both teams must play match Tuesday; a doubles game in August, creating a weekend of five games over three days; or reschedule on a shared day off at Citi Field.

The postponement also pushes back the return of Max Scherzer. If all games go as scheduled this weekend, he’ll be eligible to return on Monday to face the Braves to close out the series. As it stands, he will be eligible to return on Tuesday against Detroit. But if tomorrow’s game is rescheduled to a non-Monday, he won’t be eligible to return until Wednesday, which is Verlander’s scheduled return date.

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