irbnb crossed its wild windmill list with the limited opportunity to stay in a deluxe room inside the epiphany Moulin Rouge.

19 sumptuousorder The century-old apartment, previously largely unknown, is now open to the public for the first time in its 133-year-old history.

The vacation rental site Airbnb is offering overnight stays in the renovated Belle Epoque Avenue, originally built in 1889, to three customers for a one-night stay on the 13th, 20th, and 20th. June 27.

For $1 a night, the experience includes a private tour behind the curtain, seating at the Moulin Rouge Féerie performance, and a three-course Parisian meal.

Daniel Alexander Harris

Reveal the room after the 9 p.m. show, when you’re most ready to rest your heads on handcrafted, feathered furniture, select guests can walk from the buzzing nightclub below to Romantic room.

A four-poster bed fills the space, along with a carefully curated vanity (think handwritten letters, perfume bottles, and scattered accessories) and art nouveau features, such as small paper stage and tiny performers.

Daniel Alexander Harris

Make your way through the ruffles to the outside terrace, where the show’s host and lead dancer Claudine Van Den Bergh says guests will be transported “back to the pub’s roots”.

Jean-Claude Yon, 19-year-old historianorder century France, partnering with Airbnb to capture the sensational era. “The Belle Époque period was a period in which French culture and art flourished – and no landmark is more iconic to that period than the Moulin Rouge,” he said.

“The secret room inside this bistro’s famous windmill has been designed to take you on an authentic trip back in time to experience the French capital of art and pleasure in a moment in time. history.”

Book one of three nights for two guests this if you “probably can,” the site reads – when listings open Tuesday May 17th for verified Airbnb account holders with existing positive ratings.


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