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Every TV show and movie landing on Netflix this week

April will see a new series of movies and TV shows appear on Netflix.

Besides the movie versions of TV shows The Last Kingdom And Superman will be the second season of the hit hit sweet teethAnd BEEFA fascinating new series by Ali Wong and Steven Yeun.

There’s also a musical documentary about Lewis Capaldi as well as Brett Morgen’s David Bowie Dreamand American comedian John Mulaney’s stand-up special – not to mention the arrival of a long-awaited TV season that will make subscribers very happy.

There are plenty of titles being added in the UK but won’t be on US Netflix, so below we’ve signaled where you can find them all.

Find the full list of every movie being removed from Netflix here.

Note: We compiled this list with help from What’s on Netflix.



April 1

weathered – WE

April 7


Kings of Mulberry Street: Let love reign

Oh Belinda

April 8



April 12

Activities: Country

April 14

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die


Queen on the run

April 19

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

April 21

Travel guide to love


Once again

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


April 26

Kiss Kiss!

April 27


April 28



April 2

sailor war season one

April 4

The signing season one

April 6

BEEF season one

IRL – In true love season one

Chestnut Boy Season two

(Andrew Cooper/Netflix)

April 7

denser than water season one

transatlantic season one

April 12

mother-in-law Season two

April 13

Florida Man season one

obsess season one

April 14

queen season one (plus new episodes every Friday)

April 15

father doctor

April 20

diplomat season one

Old addicts club season one

Paris teeth: When love bites season one


April 21

Indian Matchmaking season three

Rough diamond season one

April 26

Good and Bad Mother season three

Love After Music season one

Working mothers season seven

April 27

fireflies alley season two, part two

Nurse season one

sweet tooth Season two

April 28

Wave Makers season one – USA



April 5

Lewis Capaldi: How am I feeling now?

April 12

American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

April 18

How to become rich

The longest Tuesday

April 19

Chimpanzee Empire

April 27

King of Collectors: The Goldin Touch


April 4

My name is Mo’Nique

April 11

Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman

April 12


April 25

John Mulaney: Baby J

(Marcus Russell/Netflix price)


April 10

cocomelon eighth season

April 13

Boss Kid: Back Into the Crib Season two

April 17

oggy oggy Season two

April 22

Ada Twist, Scientist season four

April 27

shark dog season three



April 1

Americans hustle – WE

Battleship – WE

Birds – WE

Born on July 4 – WE

Bourne’s identity – WE

Bourne’s Legacy – WE

Bourne’s Supremacy – WE

An ultimatum of purpose – WE

Charlie Wilson’s War – WE

Conan the Destroyer – WE

Deep house – UK

Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat (2003) – USA

Dr. Seuss ‘The Lorax – WE

Friday night lights (2004) – USA

Home page – UK

Hotel Transylvania – WE

How to lose a guy in 10 days – WE

How to Train Your Dragon – WE

I, Frankenstein – WE

Start – WE

(Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.)

man inside – WE

Land before time – WE

A tournament of its own – WE

Marnie – WE

Matilda (1996) – USA

the Mauritania – WE

Negotiator – WE

northern standard – WE

Not another teen movie – WE

through the fence – WE

Pressure Points / Champion’s Heart – UK

Mental (1960) – USA

Cat in boots – WE

The hunt – WE

Shark tail – WE

(Beautiful pictures)

Shrek forever after – WE

Smokey and the Bandit – WE

Smokey and the Bandit II – WE

Spiderman – WE

Spider-Man 2 – WE

Spider-Man 3 – WE

thing (2011) – USA

Thirteen – UK

28 days – WE

The whole truth – UK

Zombieland – WE

April 4

Color of love – UK

April 6

Last position – WE

Monster Hunter – UK

April 7

Adult – UK

holy spider – WE

A simple lie – WE


April 11

Turn off the light – UK

April 13

Nobody– UK

Belly – WE

April 15

Time Trap – WE

April 16

The best man’s vacation – WE

Mustang – WE

Snowman (2017) – USA

2 hearts – UK

April 25

Eight hateful – WE

(Allen Fraser / Image courtesy of Universal)


April 1

Hatfields & McCoys – WE

hoarder season 12 – USA

Invisible season one – USA

Common enemy – UK

April 5

The Common Enemy: The Book of Revelation – UK

April 11

All Americans: Homecoming second season – USA

Miriam Margolyes: Almost Australian season one – USA

April 15

Keeping up with the Kardashians season 15 – Great Britain

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season eight – UK

April 18

Better Call Saul sixth season – USA (already available in UK)

April 20

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season eight – UK

Andy Samberg in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’


April 25

Eight hateful Four-part extended miniseries – United States


April 3

Surviving R Kelly: Part III – WE

April 5

Dream – UK

April 11

Exposed: Ghost Ship Flame – WE



April 1

Beyblade Burst Quad Drive season one

The Adventures of Blippi collection seven – USA

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure season three

Thomas & Friends: The Mystery of Lookout Mountain season one – USA

April 3

Magic mix season one – USA

April 24

Movie Sing With Pinkfong 2: Magic Concert – WE


April 24

Inuyasha season eight – USA


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