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Netflix warns it may remove content from UK catalogue over government media bill

Netflix has warned that it may remove movies and TV series from its catalog in the UK due to new streaming laws introduced by the UK government.

The Communications Bill, a draft published online in March, brings with it several proposals that would affect streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.

Under the new law, streaming content will be subject to regulation by broadcast watchdog Ofcom and will be subject to the fairness laws to which traditional broadcasters are bound.

According to a report on Duration, Netflix has submitted a five-page document to the UK parliament’s culture, media and sport committee, outlining the need for “more clarity”. Disney also sent a letter to the agency expressing similar sentiments.

Netflix claims that the Communications Bill includes “vague” and “dangerous” requirements regarding “fairness.” The company suggests that it will be forced to “purge” headlines “on a regular basis” to avoid sanctions of up to £250,000 ($310,000).

“The range and variety of Netflix content, often seen as a strength in our offering in terms of maximizing choice for UK viewers, can also become a potential source of risk. hidden from a compliance perspective if it is within Ofcom’s scope,” Netflix wrote.

“Without significantly more clarity on the scope and application of these terms, it would certainly be easier to remove pre-existing content from our UK catalog than to risk compliance burdens.” burden and potential liability.”

It is not yet clear which shows and movies may be removed. Netflix is ​​home to some of the biggest titles in the industry, including Strange things, Wednesday And witch.

“We have consistently supported the introduction of the Media Bill and the proposal to bring our services under Ofcom’s jurisdiction in the UK,” Netflix wrote. “While we support the Bill’s broader policy goals, there are a number of areas we need that would welcome more clarity.”

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Disney also raised concerns about the bill in a four-page letter to the culture, media and sports committee.

The company wrote: “Given the difference between linear broadcasting and VoD The strong audience protections adopted by most VoD services, the various consumer offers, and the brand promises of various VoD services, do not seem appropriate when applied use the same rules across all VoD services, whether it’s strict content rules or mandatory ratings.”


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