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New partnership set to train conveyancers on climate …

Groundsure has launched a training partnership for carriers on climate risk.

The Environmental and Climate Data Agency will provide training and education on Legal Eye’s training academy platform.

The online guide explains the latest guidance from the Law Society and will guide law practitioners on the importance of incorporating climate analysis in their overall environmental search report.

It will also identify existing data and authoring tools that can support a consistent approach to communicating with customers. This will help teams effectively explain any risks to both the client and – if valid – the lender.

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Once the Climate Risks in Transport module is complete, the attorneys will be screened for content. If passed, they will receive a certificate of competence which can be kept in their training records.

David Kempster, marketing director at Groundsure, said: “With real estate transactions now having high compliance risk and with property values ​​at stake in the future, climate risk are areas where will become a growing concern of trustees.

“Now that the Law Society has issued guidance on climate risks, there is more focus than ever on how companies communicate risks to their clients.

“That’s why we’ve developed this training: it reflects the Law Society’s call for better climate risk education and support for lawyers — both from their original climate and also in the current guide.

“This module, which can be provided as needed by groups, will guide law practitioners on the need to incorporate climate analysis into their overall environmental search report and how to use tools available, such as climate provisions, so they can be consistent in their approach to communicating with their customers.”

Paul Saunders, chief executive officer of Legal Eye, adds: “In order to provide their clients with compliance information that they can rely on consistently, companies need both the right data and the right approach. appropriate to use that data.

“They can’t go beyond this in terms of consulting on climate issues, but they can ensure that their shipping team is not at risk and is ready to accommodate the need to incorporate comment on any risks. which ro.

“The new Grounds module provides an efficient, high-level way to provide accessible certification of climate risks in real estate transactions and how to mitigate them.

“That reflects the importance of keeping up with the changing legal landscape and that all employees are well informed and understand their day-to-day responsibilities for handling issues. “


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