The Northeast Fire Furnace and the horrifying devastation they left after waking up

They put their lives at risk and leave thousands of pounds of destruction in their wake.

These arsons have caused property damage and terrorized people in their own homes. In recent months a number of arson attacks have popped up in the Northeast piers, and we’ve covered their troubling instances.

Burners with some damage they did, LR (above) Cal Thirtle, Enzo Steward, Aly Wainwright (below) Chloe Shotton, Anthony Robinson, Jamie Simmons (Image: Northumbria Police / Newcastle Chronicle)

Thankfully, in all of the cases below, no one was actually injured by the fire, many left scared and with hefty repair bills.

Here we take a look back at some of the fires that have come to justice in recent months, and examine the damage their dangerous actions have caused.

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