When it comes to booking the perfect excursion, in addition to the destination, you need to consider who is traveling, what you enjoy doing the most, and what you want to get out of the trip.

Luckily, the Norwegian Cruise Line – sailing to more than 118 ports across Northern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Greek Islands – has an incredible number of options to choose from, with over 170 unique itineraries, many A selection of on-board activities and entertainment, as well as experiences specially curated to let you explore and immerse yourself in each destination.

To make it easy for you to find your ideal vacation, we’ve curated a roundup of the best cruises for different types of travelers, so you can start with most importantly – enjoy the perfect vacation at sea…

Santorini’s unmistakable shoreline will be shimmering in sight on this sunny cruise

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Best for traveling alone: Greek

Norwegian Cruise Line was the first cruise company to intentionally build studio-style galleries and common areas with solo cruisers, making it easy to spend time on your own or socialize with others. traveling alone (usually with mixers and pub crawls on cruise ships). Cruising through the Greek Islands offers a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself completely, uninterrupted, in all its delicious food and beautiful beaches. NCL’s 9-day itinerary to the Greek Islands has stops in Venice (Italy), Split (Croatia), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Corfu, Santorini, Kusadasi (Turkey), Istanbul (Turkey), Mykonos and Athens. This itinerary combines a great combination of being able to wander through cities as well as quieter, more secluded spots.

Best for couples: Iceland and Norway

With large ships offering a wide range of activities and adults-only spaces, the NCL is a great choice for cruises with a partner – or friends. On board there is a spa to indulge in and award-winning entertainment of the night to bond with your closest and loved ones, whether it’s over an intimate dinner for two, in a cocktail group or watch a musical. In addition to the ship, the 11-day Nordic cruise focusing on Norway and Iceland (with stops in Belgium and the Netherlands) is a great way to create new experiences together and enjoy quality time together. serious quality, with history, legends and beauty interwoven with breathtaking scenery. Kayak between the fjords of Ísafjörður, hike to the Storseterfossen Falls or take a gondola across Amsterdam’s Amstel River to connect time.

Best for families: France, Spain & Belgium

From youth programs to activities like bowling and mini golf, there is an entire array of entertainment for all ages on board NCL yachts, with the flexibility to combine them as appropriate. With so many options on board, as well as helpful accommodation options like connecting rooms, you can choose any destination. However, the 9-day Mediterranean cruise – with stops in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Belgium – offers plenty of time and the opportunity to spend more time with family, whether it’s a parent’s solo trip, a family getaway or a multi-generational vacation. There is a wide range of shore excursions to suit every dynamic and desire, from a tapas excursion in Bilbao to a slow-paced sightseeing tour of a seaside town in Galicia.

Best for the LGBTQ+ community: Italy

Norwegian Cruise Line is known for actively supporting LGBTQ+ organizations and travellers, and has daily LGBTQ+ meetups onboard. Their 10-day itinerary to the Greek Islands and Italy included ports in Rome, Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Messina, Naples, Florence and Malta’s Valletta. With a beautiful blend of landscape, culture and history, with UNESCO landmarks like Delos and Pompei on shore excursions, as well as quaint lunch on a farm in Sorrento. Meanwhile, Malta is increasingly becoming a popular destination for LGBTQ+ travelers – it’s been ranked number one on the Rainbow Index for the past seven years and has progressive social and legal rights for the LGBTQ+ community . Its historic cities and fresh seafood stalls are well worth a try.

Sunsets at Lake Como are a definite highlight of this magical tour of the Greek Islands and Italy

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Best for active travelers: Canary island

Norwegian Cruises has launched its portfolio of cruises around the Canary Islands for this year, visiting the volcanic, rocky landscape of this stunning archipelago, ripe for adventure. Their eight-day journey explores Santa Cruz de Tenerife – a perfect springboard for hikes in the nearby Parque Rural de Anaga, a lush, tropical forest. The beaches dotted around this part of the island are also a great spot for surfing. In Las Palmas you can snorkel in the calm waters of Playa de las Cantas while in Lanzarote’s Timanfaya National Park you can tour volcanic land, craters and lava flows by walking foot or camel. Then there’s the on-board spa to soothe any tired muscles.

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