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Viewers defend airline employee who charged passenger $200 for overweight bag in viral TikTok

Viewers defended a Delta airline employee who charged a passenger $200 for their overweight luggage in a viral TikTok video.

Jeremy Kim, one of the co-founders of canned liquor brand Nectar Seltzer (@nectarseltzer), described as a “strong spirit with an Asian flavor,” revealed his recent clash with a marketing agent. Delta airline employees in a video posted to TikTok on July 13. In the video, the head of the brand is seen placing his suitcase full of new flavors on the baggage check scale before a flight from Los Angeles to Houston. “Did you know your bag is overweight?” The airline baggage officer approached him and questioned him.

She then explained that the suitcase weighed 6 pounds more than the maximum allowed by Delta, before listing prices for different bag weights. “You pay $30 for £50, £50 to £70, $100. This is 76; $200,” the woman said.

Without hesitation, the liquor dealer agreed to pay the fee. However, before the payment was done, the Delta employee noticed a crack in his suitcase. Although Kim assured her that there were only boxes inside, she still asked him to sign a form and wrap the luggage with duct tape for security during the flight.

“Your stuff will fall out,” the airline employee announced. “So inside I’m not worried about that,” replied Nectar Seltzer founder.

However, he proceeded to bandage the crack while the woman told him to keep patching it because it “didn’t matter” what was inside, as she explained Delta’s policy required him to cover it up. completely cracked.

“It was a fun experience. The woman just tripped over the weight of my bag. I basically paid three times the cost to get it to Houston, but I couldn’t leave any taste in LA,” Kim said after the experience. She robbed me.

TikTok viewers were excited by the encounter that was shared online. “[She] not playing with you today,” commented one, whose founder Nectar Seltzer replied: “She would take her shirt off my back if she could.”

“She really does her job well,” wrote another user.

One enthusiast agrees: “She does her job very well. Details, not giving up an inch but still respect and follow the book.”

According to a daily dot reported, a Delta spokesman responded with flood of support for their employees. They commented: “We always appreciate everyone’s love and support that is being shared widely.

independence have reached out to Kim and Delta for comment.


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