Dear Tom,

I hate wet weather. How often did Chicago experience dew point in the 70s? When is the first part of the season likely to happen?

Courtney Becker

Dear Courtney,

Summer is Chicago’s “sweating season” with dew points reaching up to 70 degrees, averaging about 30 days per year. There are very few occurrences above 70 dew points in May and September with the majority of the city’s wet days coming in July and August. During the wettest summers, the dew point has reached at least 70. degrees for more than 50 days, with a maximum of 53 degrees in 2002. Last year, the city recorded 38 days. Overwhelming dew points of 80 degrees or more are rare in Chicago, having only six recorded appearances since 1871. The city’s highest dew point of 83 radiation on July 30, 1999 resembles a sauna.


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