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Palestine march London LIVE: Far-right thugs chanting ‘England ’till I die’ clash with cops

In tragic news this morning, a premature baby at Al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital, in the neonatal department, passed away.

The Palestinian Health Minister said the hospital ran out of fuel for its incubators when Israeli shelling targeted the healthcare complex. “A newborn baby died in an incubator where there were 45 babies,” Ashraf al Qidra said.

Israel claims the hospital provided cover for a Hamas command center, an allegation the hospital’s director dismissed as “a complete lie”.

For weeks, tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians — up to 60,000 this week, according to the Health Ministry — have taken refuge in the Shifa complex. At the same time, Shifa was overwhelmed by thousands of wounded, even as it operated with minimal power and medical supplies.

The Mirror is currently unable to contact any contacts in the hospital.

BBC News international editor Jeremy Bowen received a recording from Marwan Abu Saada, a surgeon inside al-Shifa Hospital, saying the main intensive care unit had been attacked.

He told Bowen, who was in Israel, that the sounds of gunfire and bombs echoed “every second.”


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