A WOMEN reveals how easily misplacing her passport got her banned from boarding a flight to Spain.

Modina Shokeye explained on her Tiktok video how she made a mistake.


A woman reveals how a passport error easily prevented her from boarding a flight to IbizaCredit: Getty

She said in an earlier video that she was denied boarding from a Ryanair flight to Ibiza after miscounting how many months her passport had left.

She then had to drive to try to get her emergency passport, but was denied – so unable to fly – while the rest of her friends went out.

Modina explains in her video: “I only booked the Ibiza ticket two weeks before my flight.

“My passport expires on August 14 and my stay is from June 9 to June 14, so by the time I come back I still have three months left on my passport – because so i think.

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“Because I’m counting June, July and August – but you have to count July, August, September. So I lost the whole month.”

She added that she thought she had a “valid passport” and didn’t want to try to renew it because she wouldn’t get it back in time due to the delay in the application.

Modina continued: “If I had given away my old passport, I wouldn’t have been able to fly out on those days because I knew that there were no urgent appointments and I had to do it the normal way.

“It’s annoying, but that’s why I booked it because I thought my passport would be valid when I returned to the UK.”

The people in the comments also explained how she made a mistake.

One person wrote: “Two months. June 14 to July 14, 1 month, July 14 to August 14, 1 month. You don’t count June, July and August.”

Others were less kind: “Yes, this is 100% your fault. Taking 5 minutes to think things through really helps. Never mind, you live and learn right!”

New rules have been in place since the UK left the EU, although many may not be aware of these rules due to the pandemic that has suspended travel.

Britons must have at least three months remaining on their passports to enter countries in Europe.

Not only this rule but Britons also need to check their passports.

The start date – or ‘issue date’ – is the next thing that should be checked on your passport to avoid any last minute chaos.

This is because the new regulations no longer allow Britons to hold passports with more than 10 years of validity remaining.

Previously, UK passport holders could have up to nine months of turnaround on their previous documents – these are no longer valid, meaning the expiration date may not be the same. real term.

Instead, you should make sure the start date is 10 years or less when you travel.

Back in November, a mother was banned from flying after she was told her passport had expired – even though it wasn’t.

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And one woman lost everything on her £2,600 dream holiday by mistake about the expiration date of her passport.

If you need to renew your passport, it can be done online for £75.50 or through a paper application form available at the Post Office for £85.

Britons need at least three months on their passport to travel to Europe


Britons need at least three months on their passport to travel to EuropeCredit: Getty


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