Patricia Arquette angrily confronted Elon Musk after he revealed his plans to vote Republican.

Writing on Twitter earlier today (May 18), Musk explained that he had switched allegiance from the Democrats because they had become a party of “division and hatred”.

“I voted for the Democrats before, because they are (mostly) the nice party,” he wrote. But they have become the party of division and hatred, so I can no longer support them and will vote Republican. Now, watch their dirty tricks campaign against me unfold.”

To the statement, actor Arquette responded, “You’re saying this outright as Republicans regaining basic civil rights for LGBT people and women, including girls who were raped and incestuous when forced to bring along the child of their violent attackers? You want your daughter to inherit that? ”


Elon Musk compared US President Joe Biden to AnchormanRon Burgundy – who lost his job as a broadcaster on the 2004 film because of a lack of ability to improvise – during the All-in tech conference in Miami on Monday.

“The president is really the one who controls the camera remotely. The path to power is the path to telemetry,” Musk said during the Zoom conference.

“I really feel like if someone accidentally leaned against the remote camera, it would be like Anchorman. ”

At the same conference, Musk stated that although he had voted “overwhelmingly” for Democrats in previous elections, he would not support “this election” and that party members The Republic will have his vote.

“I’ve voted overwhelmingly for Democrats historically,” Musk said. “Like I’m not sure, I may have never voted for a Republican, just to be clear. Now this election I will do”.


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