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Plus-size travel blogger shares how she secures two seats for the price of one on ‘almost every’ flight

An oversized travel influencer has gone viral after sharing her travel tip for getting two seats on a flight without paying extra.

Kirsty Leanne is a UK-based content creator with over 115k followers on TikTok who often shares tips and tricks for plus-size travel. Leanne has since started her own travel service for plus size women, called Plus travel size too. In a video that has 2.6 million views on TikTok, she shared how she got an empty seat next to her on “almost every flight” she took.

“One of the hardest things about flying as an oversized person is how much space you will have,” she begins the video, which features footage of Leanne piloting the jet to several points. to travel. “And with airlines making it so difficult to get a second seat, this tip has definitely saved me a lot of hours on uncomfortable flights.”

Leanne then shared with her followers a question they should ask flight attendants when boarding. “Do you know of a place where two seats next to each other are empty?” She filmed herself asking the flight attendant.

“Maybe after boarding the plane I can look,” the flight attendant replied.

Leanne notes that her oversized travel trick may not “work all the time,” such as when a flight is fully booked, but it’s “always worth asking.”

“I know how difficult it can be to advocate for yourself, but remember that you also deserve to be comfortable,” she says.

In a follow-up TikTok, Leanne explained that getting a second seat on a plane can be “difficult” because “airlines are not easy” to find an empty seat, as well as the expensive cost per second. ticket.

“The best thing to do is Google airlines and extra seats and see if there is a policy in place,” she advises.

In the caption of her TikTok video, Leanne told her followers that “sooner [they] Get on” the plane and ask for an extra seat.

“It’s better to ask the FA [flight attendants] know that you want more space. They may also ask you to wait until after takeoff to move and will save you space,” she wrote.

“I also frequently ask at check-in if they can exchange your ticket for an empty line,” adds Leanne. “However, a lot of times I am told that it is a full flight even if it is not. If you get this answer, don’t be disheartened – people don’t show up or miss their flights, leaving extra seats.”

Many in the comments section were grateful for Kirsty Leanne’s plus-size travel tip. “I tried with Delta on a recent flight,” commented one person who tried booking a second seat. “They made it almost impossible.”

“It’s not fair that people have to pay more just for a comfortable flight,” another user wrote.

These days, Kirsty Leanne is busy traveling the world, after she initially believed she was “too fat to travel”. The influencer is currently planning a group trip to Bali with her “oversized buddies” as part of her goal of making her travel more accessible to everyone. her travel agency. Plus travel size too.

Many oversized creators on TikTok have detailed the challenges they face when flying, such as small seat belts and small airplane seats. This week, actor and comedian Jayde Adams shared in an essay for independence The feeling of traveling is like “a test of endurance” for oversized passengers.

Influencer Jaelynn Chaney recently called on airlines to introduce a “large-size customer policy” to save plus-size travelers from “discrimination and discomfort when fly”. Meanwhile, model Remi Bader previously went viral when she criticized Delta Airlines for inaccessible seat belts.

independence has reached out to Kirsty Leanne for comment.


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