While many of us dream of traveling the world, that fantasy rarely comes true. But for a Plymouth couple, that’s exactly what they did.

Chris and Sam Hoar have always had “a burning desire to travel the world,” but have been together since the age of 14, and have settled into a married life with a full-time job. But during their time in captivity, they realized that we despised our freedom, which prompted them to quit their jobs and start a new life in a camper van, living ‘off the grid’ electricity’ and travel the world.

Along with their cocker spaniel, Fletcher, Sam and Chris have turned an old minibus into their new home and have spent the past seven months living on the road and exploring Europe. The couple has no regrets and always “loves each other every second”.

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Before they were released, Chris, 29, worked as a mechanical engineer with his father and was a firefighter retained for Tavistock. Sam, 29, is a beautician and masseuse who runs the business she started when she was 18.

Chris grew up in Tavistock and met Sam, who lives in Plymouth, in school when they were 14 years old. The couple married at the age of 23 and together bought a house in Plymouth. They say one of the hardest decisions they’ve made on this journey was to give up their careers as Sam gave up hundreds of clients and Chris left the family business.

Sam and Chris have been together since the age of 14 after meeting at school

However, Chris and Sam have no regrets and still consider themselves that this is their life now. They said they still can’t shake the feeling that they’ll be back to ‘real life’ soon.

Over the past few months, Chris and Sam have traveled through France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. The couple are even documenting their adventures on Instagram and Youtube Channel so that everyone can follow along their journey.

“There aren’t many people present these days in real time, we live in such a fast-paced world,” says Sam. “We fell in love with the simple life.”

The converted pickup truck is now Sam and Chris’ home

“We only have this desire to live on the road and travel. We went to New Zealand in 2018 and hired a camper there and I remember I will never be a camper, I was quite nervous about hiring a camper but we fell in love with the freedom that you have.

“The fact that you’ve got whatever you need on that one car and you can literally go anywhere you want, we fell in love with it.”

Chris and Sam spent many weekends and after-hours evenings refurbishing their truck once they got it. While Chris was very helpful with the build of everything, using skills from his previous work and YouTube videos to help, Sam was particularly excited about the interior. The camping truck fits in with plenty of storage space, a seating area and bookshelves, a bathroom, a comfy bed, and even a terrace so you can enjoy the view.

Sam and Chris spent their evenings and weekends converting the truck

Sam continued: “It was a really hard decision for both of us to really dive in and leave our careers, especially for Chris because it was his family business and maybe pick it up one day… I’ve never known someone who loved their job so much. He has never had a fear of work in all his life.”

Sam explained that they could have been “set for life” but wanted to collect more stories. Now, they realize that memories and experiences are much better than material things.

“We rent out the house which means we get some residual income from it, we also do a bit of online work with an online travel agency. We are both career oriented, we love to work, we almost find it difficult to sink into the slower pace of life full time because we are so used to working hard and earning a lot money.

“We found the transition a bit odd. We love filming and photography so we wanted to explore online avenues like YouTube. “

Sam said parking beneath the French Alps on the sundeck with a cup of tea overlooking the view was her favorite memory to date.

Chris and Sam have recently returned to the UK and are planning on making some further trips here with places like Scotland and the Lake District on their bucket list. They will head back to “somewhere hot” in Europe for the winter, even though their trucks are equipped with everything it takes to live off the grid for days at a time.

The adventurous couple have not looked back since making the life-changing decision. “We went down to the French Alps and found this lovely park with a view of Mount Blanc, just perched beneath that mountain on our rooftop sundeck with a cup of tea,” said Sam. tea overlooking that view”. With memories like that, who can blame them?

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