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PM Update: Storms with heavy rain probable tonight, flood watch issued

7:30 p.m. — Flood monitoring issued until 4 a.m.

Showers and storms in Central Virginia are headed for the DC area, likely to arrive between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Some areas may be flooded, causing Overnight flood observation.

“These showers and thunderstorms will have the potential to produce 1 to 3 inches of heavy rainfall with higher localized precipitation where thunderstorms may be concentrated. [pass over the same areas repeatedly],” wrote the National Weather Service. “These totals can lead to flash flooding, especially in urban areas and places where heavy rainfall has been observed recently.”

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With storms accompanied by heavy rain and possible gusty winds mostly waiting to develop late tonight through the hours of the night, this afternoon and early evening could be a relatively better time for the weather. outdoor plans. So far, only a few daily thunderstorms have developed and are outside the Beltway. Chances of rain still increase tomorrow but should ease in the late afternoon to early evening.

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Through tonight: The chance of showers, storms and heavy rain increases late in the evening and remains moderately high overnight. Some storms can be severe with gusts above 57 mph or cause short-term flooding. If you’re up late, you’ll see rain activity often moving from west to east, as the cold air to our west slowly approaches. Also, it’s cloudy and sultry with a dew point in the mid 70’s. This helps buoy low temperatures in the mid to over 70s.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): More showers and thunderstorms can roam the area, even during the morning hours. Late afternoons and evenings can actually get a bit sunnier with the chance of rain greatly reduced. We’ll need to watch out for a few storms that produce strong gusts, but don’t pose a serious threat across the board. High temperatures aim for the mid-80s to near-90s with humidity barely dropping at the end of the day.

Overnight, a slow but steady stream of drier air moves and the chance of rain drops rapidly — maybe a shower or two or a storm after sunset but very little chance. Clear skies with low temperatures that are a bit more pleasant in the mid-60s to low 70s.

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Some thunderstorms tonight with possible heavy rain and strong winds

At least one strong to severe storm is possible late tonight through before dawn. Overall, our region has a 1 in 5 chance (“Marginal”) of a major storm in any particular location (dark blue, below). The Hurricane Forecast Center is concerned about damaging winds with potential gusts above 57 mph.

The other threat any severe storm could pose to us is at least a 5 percent chance of Excessive Precipitation (more than 1″ of rainfall per hour) generated from downpours. water in a thunderstorm. This threat is also highlighted in green below.

An approaching cold front, coupled with a moderate vortex, creates lift and instability for overnight storms. The downpours have the potential to provide a low level of humidity — well, that’s definitely felt when you just step outside. Oh.

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