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PM Update: Fewer wet spots, but one or two strong storms possible this evening. Very warm tomorrow.

Although shower and thunderstorm activity subsides by midnight, heavy hail is still possible until 8pm or so. A severe mild storm threat will return late tomorrow afternoon and the nights after the 80s are like summer with a little bit of wetness. The dry, non-humid air returns at the start of the week as the warmth subsides.

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Through tonight: We will continue to have temporary downpours and thunderstorms, but less as the sun sets. After 8pm, we should be calmer. Chances of rain are less than 10 percent after midnight. Patchy fog can develop, especially if your location has had downpours earlier, as light winds pass late. We hardly cool down much, in our 50s and 60s.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Patchy clouds early and the fog will clear by midday. We should see mostly sunny skies, but clouds could increase again later in the day due to a 20% chance of showers and storms again. The slightly sticky high heat peaks between 82-88 degrees for most of us.

As the cold front rolled in overnight, showers and storms became more frequent. We could see some severe thunderstorms with gusts of more than 57 mph. Some downpours may be accompanied by one or two reports of hail. We clear at dawn when low temperatures bottom out in the 50s, feeling cooler, thanks to drier winds behind a cold front.

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Severe, albeit mild, storm threat by late tomorrow due to gusty winds

While tomorrow looks hot, humid and generally dry, we could see a severe thunderstorm or two forming later in the day. The highest chance (but still only 1 in 5 in the image below) of a severe storm could hit tomorrow night. The biggest threat posed by anything “severe” seems to be gusts of wind at 57 mph. Hail, the primary threat today, will become secondary tomorrow. Little or no lightning is expected.

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