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PM Update: Pleasant Monday, with a few clouds and breezes at times

Hope you’re enjoying the afternoon sunshine and pleasant warmth (albeit “below average”). A few showers early this morning for the luckiest of you isn’t uncommon – maybe I should keep a “Good Day” stamp for today? Tomorrow looks a little warmer and sunny to start the work week.

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Through tonight: The sky can be clear during the night. Enjoy some moon- or stargazing! Low temperatures drop again in the 50s to almost 60 degrees in the city center. Light winds are possible, usually in the north.

See Current weather at The Washington Post.

Monday tomorrow): Temperatures are half warming with highs near 80s to 80s lows. Maybe some 84 or 85 degree readings south of town in the sunniest spots? Wildfire smoke can rise in the afternoon causing mostly sunny skies to sometimes turn slightly hazy and orange-white. Late afternoon north-northwesterly winds can be strongest during the day, but not exceeding 15 mph. There could be several clouds passing at the same time, forming a wind shift formed by a low pressure trough originating southwest of us.

Clouds and winds eased overnight as lows again dropped to 50 degrees for the region.

See My full forecast lasts until the middle of the week. Come chat tonight! our weekly Sunset Sunday live Q&A is tonight at 8:30 ABOVE YouTube, Facebook And Twitter.

Keep an eye on our rainfall shortages and droughts

The drought spread slightly over much of our region last week and extended along the Interstate 95 corridor from DC to Baltimore. On the map below, hues track changes since last week. Gray color has no change in degree of dryness. Green is an improvement – rain falls a little more. Yellow color slightly worsens as dryness increases.

The contours on the map above are where droughts and unusually dry conditions are occurring. The orange outline is Moderate Drought D1. Areas with yellow outlines are experiencing Abnormal Dryness. Fortunately, we have not seen droughts worse than “moderate”. With not much rain expected for the next 10 days, we’ll have to keep an eye on this. Rainfall since January 1 has dropped by more than 8 inches behind in the region, in the darkest oranges below.

We’ll talk more about this tonight in our Sunday Sunset Live Q&A. Tune in at 8:30!

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