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Typical summer storms today; Flood Watch for tomorrow

Flood Watch in effect from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM tomorrow

Afternoon and tonight are still relatively better times for outdoor plans, especially north and west of town. Thunderstorm chance and intensity are lower than tomorrow. So far, heavy rain has mainly been in the south and east of the town. Tomorrow’s storms could be more numerous and widespread, with a higher chance of heavy rain and wind damage. Stay aware of the weather tomorrow.

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Through tonight: The humidity is still high, it definitely feels like the middle of summer. Any showers, storms, or heavy rains subside quickly after midnight. Some patchy fog may form before dawn, which is especially common in areas where it rains earlier in the night. The sky has a few stars, in cloudy conditions. Low temperatures only drop to the sweltering 70s.

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Tomorrow (Sunday): Rain is almost certain to come as be prepared for heavy downpours with the potential to cause flooding. A trough, a weak low pressure system and a cold front all penetrated the humid air mass of our region. Although not too much sunshine was seen, the high dew point in the 70s allowed high temperatures in the 83 to 89 degree range just like the 90s.

Planning outdoors before 9 a.m. has the best chance of staying dry. The lowest chance of drought may be mid to late afternoon — when strong to severe storms are most likely. Threats include downpours (more than 1 inch of rain per hour), gusts (over 57 mph), and the chance of large hail (more than 1 inch in diameter) is small. .

The largest and most widespread strong-to-severe storms should disappear by the end of the evening, but moderate rains could still lash the area early in the morning — so we may still need to watch out for flooding. flood in pieces. Low temperatures remain warm and slightly sticky, in the upper 60s to the low 70s. The sky will clear a little before dawn.

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Thunderstorms tomorrow threatening flash floods and gusty winds

One or two strong to severe storms are likely tomorrow. Overall, our region has a 2 in 5 chance (“Mild”) that we’ll see a severe storm in any given location (see highlighted in yellow below). We’ll have plenty of moisture and uplift the atmosphere to fuel a severe storm.

We have more than one threat that any severe storm can bring to us. First, we have at least a 15 percent chance of excess precipitation (more than an inch of rain per hour) generated from downpours during thunderstorms. This is why we are issuing flood warnings tomorrow afternoon and evening.

Next, we have at least a 15 percent chance of damaging wind gusts above 57 mph. Also highlighted in yellow below.

Don’t forget completely, we also have a 5 to 10 percent chance of large hail (over 1 inch in diameter).

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