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Rayner tells Sky News that ‘New Deal for workers’ is ‘fundamental’ to ‘better living standards’

By Nick Lester, news reporter

Angela Rayner has doubled down on promoting workers’ rights, amid reports the party has scaled back its plans in an effort to litigate business practices.

The Labor deputy leader also reaffirmed his commitment to bringing forward draft legislation in the first 100 days to put his jobs promises into law.

Under its “New Deal for Workers”, the Labor Party has pledged to increase protections for all employees by banning zero-hour contracts, ending layoffs and rehire, and eliminating redundancy periods. Conditions for receiving basic benefits.

This includes the promise of introducing a single “worker” status to tackle the bogus self-employment in the gig economy.

However, it is reported that the leadership is backtracking on some of its commitments as Labor seeks to position itself as the party of business ahead of the general election.

But in particular with Sky News political editor Beth RigbyMs. Rayner affirmed that the Labor Party still sticks to its plan to strengthen workers’ rights.

“It’s about workplace safety more than anything,” she said. “It’s basically about rights from day one, stopping fires and rehiring, and giving people the guaranteed working hours and making sure that people have that level of security so they can plan their lives. Because you can’t get a mortgage, you can’t plan your spending if you don’t have a stable job.

Therefore, this is the basic pillar that helps people have a better standard of living in this country.”

She also confirmed that self-employment status will end, replaced by “worker” status.

Ms Rayner argued that the scheme would incur no costs as it would deliver benefits such as fewer vacancies, reduced sick leave and increased productivity.

“This is good for businesses and workers,” she said. “But we also understand that there is a transition. We said we would bring the bill before the parliament in the first hundred days. We I’m committed to that.”

“We’re doing a lot of work with businesses now to bring them on board so they understand that some businesses have to travel further than others.”

But she added: “We certainly and we know the benefits that this brings because the businesses that do it are now very clear that it helps their business and helps increase productivity.”


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