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Politics latest: Warning of ‘period of uncertainty’ for businesses over Home Office visa changes | Politics News

Scott Benton was suspended from the Conservative Party in parliament in April after being caught by The Times suggesting he was willing to break lobbying rules to make money.

In a ruling released on Thursday, the standards committee recommended Mr Benton be suspended for a “very serious breach” of the rules.

Now, the Blackpool South MP says he will appeal the suspension and make a formal complaint about the way his case was handled.

“This process is designed to be open, fair, honest and transparent so that the public and parliamentarians can have confidence in the process,” Mr Benton said.

“This trust has been breached by Members of the Committee. I cannot trust a standard process that does not adhere to its own ethics, standards and principles.

“Time and time again, this process has proven to me that it is not fair or transparent.

“This decision was heavily influenced by the Memorandum submitted by the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, which made a number of important statements that were completely factually inaccurate.

“If those who judge MPs are not open, fair and proportionate in the way they handle evidence or examine witnesses, then our democracy is under threat.

“I will happily accept a process that considers the facts of my case and is based on irrefutable evidence.

“Upholding the principles of fairness and due process is paramount and I believe a second review will consider the facts and lead to a fairer decision.”


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