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Prince Harry’s ghostwriter reveals which memoir passage they fought over

Prince Harry’s ghost playwright, JR Moehringer, has revealed the passage in the duke’s recent memoir where the two sparred.

Harry’s tell-all book, Preventivewas released in January earlier this year, causing a media storm over his many statements and revelations about the royal family.

In a new work written for New YorkersMoehringer recalls headbutting Harry over part of his military training.

In the excerpt mentioned, Harry is trained in terror by soldiers posing as insurgents.

Moehringer wrote: “In the end, Harry’s captors threw him against the wall, strangled him and shouted insults at him, culminating in a disgusting insult to Princess Diana.

The insult was so severe that when the training ended, one of the officers apologized to Harry for it.

According to Moehringer, the duke wanted to end the chapter with a return he told his captors, which the author found to be an “unnecessary and somewhat insane” addition.

Prince Harry’s screenwriter (left) describes working with the Duke of Sussex


The author wrote: “It’s good for Harry that he’s brave, but ending with what he says will detract from the meaning of the scene.”

During a 2am Zoom call with the royals, Moehringer said Harry lost his temper because he missed the line.

“It feels as if we are approaching some decisive rift, partly because Harry is no longer talking. He was just staring at the camera, he wrote.

The ghostwriter said that Harry explained that he wanted the line because “all his life, people have looked down on his intellectual abilities, and this flash of intelligence proves that, even after being kicked and punched and not being able to sleep or eat, he still has his wits about him.”

Although understanding his reasoning, the author refused to include the line, which the duke eventually humorously admitted. He did not specify what the return was.

Elsewhere in New Yorkers section, Moehringer described how Meghan Markle made him feel at home in their home.

The Duke returns to the UK for the first time since Preventivewill be released this week for the coronation of his father, King Charles III.

Harry’s visit was particularly brief; he arrived the day before the coronation and then returned to California shortly after the coronation was over.


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