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Priyanka Chopra speaks about ‘dehumanising’ experience on Bollywood film set

Priyanka Chopra has spoken out about the “dehumanizing” moment when an unnamed Bollywood film director asked to see her underwear on set.

While talking about the early days of her acting career, the 40-year-old woman highlights a very uncomfortable situation she faced.

“This could be 2002 or 2003,” Chopra said in an interview with Zoe Report. “I’m secretive, I’m seducing the guy – obviously that’s what girls do when they’re undercover. But I’m seducing the guy and you have to take off a piece of clothing [at a time].

“I want to make a class [but] the filmmaker said, ‘No, I need to see her underwear. Otherwise, why would anyone come to see this movie?’” Citadel the star recalls.

“He didn’t tell me that,” Chopra added. “He said that to the stylist in front of me. It was a dehumanizing moment. It’s the feeling, ‘I’m nothing but how I can be used, my art doesn’t matter, what I contribute doesn’t matter.’”

The quantum the star says she left the series two days later and at her father’s urging she paid back the production herself for what they spent on her.

“I just can’t look at it [the director] every day,” she said.

In March, Chopra also revealed details about the main reason she left Bollywood.

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In an appearance on the Dax Shepherd podcast Armchair specialistChopra said: “I was pushed into a corner [Bollywood] industry.

She said: “I’ve had people not cast me, I’ve talked to people, I’m not good at playing that game so I’m tired of politics and I say I need a break.


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