F1 Canadian Grand Prix 2022 – Back in Gilles’ backyard

Max Verstappen overcame a late challenge from Carlos Sainz to win the Canadian Grand Prix and continue to extend his championship lead. With Formula One returning to Montreal for the first time in three years, it was Verstappen’s Red Bull that took the checkered flag to overtake 46 points at the top of the standings.

Sainz was quickly in the finish line after a stint in the back of the safety car but could not find a way past Verstappen and had to finish in second, the pair were joined on the podium by Lewis Hamilton – the champion Seven-time world champion took third place for Mercedes. .

“The safety car didn’t help,” Verstappen said. “Overall Ferrari was really quick in the race. In the end it was really interesting. I gave it all I had, and I could see Carlos doing the same. The final rounds were fun. Fortunately, this year we were quickly on the right track so it helped a lot.”

Hamilton’s teammate George Russell continued his all-season top-five finish as he trailed fourth-placed Charles Leclerc, who recovered from 19th to secure a decent number of points for Ferrari. The Alpines placed sixth and seventh, Esteban Ocon finished ahead of Fernando Alonso, while local favorites Valtteri Bottas, Guanyu Zhou and Lance Stroll rounded off the points.

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Driver rankings after Verstappen won the Canadian Grand Prix

Below is the current standings of drivers after Max Verstappen won the Canadian Grand Prix.

13) Daniel Ricciardo – 15 years old

14) Sebastian Vettel – 13

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 22:29


Verstappen admits Ferrari is faster than Red Bull in Canada

Max Verstappen has admitted that Ferrari was faster than Red Bull in the Canadian Grand Prix.

The world champion had to overcome a belated challenge from Carlos Sainz in the final fifteen rounds to win, extending his championship lead to 46 points.

“Overall, it was a pretty tough race for us,” he told Sky Sports F1. “I was hoping for some more speed from the car but Ferrari seemed pretty fast in the race. It’s hard to compare with Carlos in runtime. The last fifteen laps were flat and I knew I couldn’t go wrong because he was so close to me. I think [they were faster] today, absolutely. So we have to figure that out. One race we had the advantage, then they looked fast, so we were very close together.

“It’s very important to always have a good lead but you also know it can turn around very quickly. There are always things to do better.”

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 22:22


Sainz says Ferrari did everything to challenge Verstappen to win

Carlos Sainz insists that Ferrari has done everything it can to challenge Max Verstappen in Canada this evening, but says the first F1 win that continues to elude finally is too far out of reach.

“In the end I didn’t leave anything on the table out there,” Sainz told Sky Sports F1. “I really wanted my first win so you can imagine how much I pushed. I was the fastest today and I gave my all for everything. We had enough ace but not enough delta speed to overtake Red Bull. With the tail wind, it is difficult to overcome today. I know I tried my best.

“I thought if I didn’t have a safe, I could go out. Max is catching up with me but not at a pace that could easily overtake me at the end of the race. But there was a safety car and we had to take it. As a team, we made a good race. This weekend, for the first time in the championship, I was the fastest on the track. On medium and hard, I caught Max. I confidently approached the wall, ripped it, and I felt comfortable being out there.

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 22:14


The ‘frustrating’ race on the streets of Leclerc

Charles Leclerc was able to mitigate the damage from his poor start by finishing fifth in the Canadian Grand Prix, but was left behind by a “nasty” race.

“It’s really annoying,” the 24-year-old told Sky Sports F1. “The last part was great but obviously the first part I got stuck in a DRS train and couldn’t do anything about it. Then, in the middle of the race, I found myself stuck behind Esteban [Ocon] on much newer tires he has very good grip and that’s enough to keep me going. Then we had a slow pit stop and crashed after another DRS train, but ended up being pretty happy. I had to be aggressive to get more points and fifth was the best we could manage today.

“Overall, it feels very good and that is a good sign. I don’t know if it’s enough to go to Red Bull today, but it’s finished the whole season and I feel like Carlos [Sainz] pretty strong today. This suggests that it may have been close. ”

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 22:06


Russell continues his impressive record

Finishing in 4th place, George Russell has maintained the impressive finishing record he has built since joining Mercedes.

In all nine appearances so far this year, the 24-year-old has made the top five checkers. No other driver can match that record.

Mercedes is also the only team that has not retired so far this season.

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 21:58


Verstappen celebrates winning the Canadian Grand Prix

Max Verstappen extended his lead in the F1 drivers’ rankings to 46 points thanks to a win in Canada and teammate Sergio Perez retired due to engine failure.

It was the current world champion’s first win in Montréal, and he celebrated the win in style.

(Beautiful pictures)

(Beautiful pictures)

(Beautiful pictures)

(Beautiful pictures)

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 21:50


Hamilton compares podium finish to win at Canadian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton had his first Formula 1 win at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2007, and the seven-time world champion is delighted to finish on the podium in Montréal tonight after a rough start for 2022 season.

“First, I want to thank the entire team back home; The men and women at the factory are working very hard,” he told Sky Sports F1. “It was a difficult year for me personally when I was in the car. But this is beautiful to us, we worked so hard. To have a strong race today gives me a lot of hope and faith so we can move forward. This car has potential, although it’s not where we want it to be right now. It has such a small window, and if you don’t perfect it, it will be all over the place. That’s what we had to get through, but I think we did a really great job this weekend.

“Winning is different, but I think it feels good to be on the podium in front of a crowd here. I know we can do better, I know I can do more, so we just have to keep working hard.

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 21:42


Verstappen significantly held Sainz to win the Canadian Grand Prix and increase his championship lead

With Formula One returning to Montreal for the first time in three years, it was Verstappen’s Red Bull that took the checkered flag to overtake 46 points at the top of the standings.

Sainz was quickly in the finish line after a stint in the back of the safety car but could not find a way past Verstappen and had to finish in second, the pair were joined on the podium by Lewis Hamilton – the champion Seven-time world champion took third place for Mercedes. .

You can read the full race report below:

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 21:35


Alonso laments engine problems and lack of luck

Fernando Alonso started second but could only finish seventh behind teammate Esteban Ocon at the end of the race.

The 40-year-old was facing an engine problem that caused him to speed up in a straight line.

“On the safety car, we were unlucky,” explained Alonso. “We decided to close the box right after the safety car was finished. Others behind us got lucky again and overtook us. In 20 laps or something, I’m having a motor problem with the battery, I’m sliding in a straight line and losing eight tenths per lap. I had to speed around the corners trying to keep up the speed and DRS. It was a very difficult race.

“Still positive. There is a very fast car this weekend. Without engine problems, we would have P3 in the race ahead of Lewis. If there is no engine problem that is still possible. ”

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 21:28


Wolff pleased with Mercedes’ progress in Canada

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is pleased with the progress his team has made in Canada this weekend, and believes Lewis Hamitlon and George Russell can be competitive enough to win Silverstone next time.

“Both are very good,” Wolff told Sky Sports F1. “We showed good pace today. In terms of performance, both are good in the race at different settings. The hairpin is where hey puts the new asphalt and we have less hardening there. I don’t think that’s the case [that we’re back]We need to keep working.

“We needed to develop the car in a different setting from what we already have. We put it on very low ground and that staff member was inactive. You can’t drive it there, so we lift it up and lift it up and lift it up, but then you lose force down. It is always a compromise. We need to master the problem and that’s what we’re doing. Before you get into the car next season, you need to understand the issues first.

“In the team, Lewis is always positive. The way the two work together is amazing. I’m happy for him because he’s had his bad luck so far this season, and he was able to get to the podium a couple of times but the safety cars stopped that. If we can ride low then we can compete at Silverstone. So let’s see. ”

Dan AustinJune 19, 2022 21:21


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