Rail passengers face a “pathetic weekend” as engineering disruptions and strikes hampered one of the busiest Easter getaways in years.

Dozens of services to and from London were canceled as Network Rail worked on 530 engineering projects during the bank holiday weekend.

There will be no trains on the West Coast line entering or leaving Euston station until the end of Monday, potentially disrupting football fans heading to the FA Cup semi-final between Manchester City and Liverpool. Liverpool at Wembley.

In Scotland and northern England, TransPennine Express has apologized for a “pathetic weekend” ahead as its directors staged industrial action in a protracted pay dispute.

Edmund King, president of the AA, said the chaos on the rails will put more people on the streets as millions enjoy the first Easter weekend in two years without Covid restrictions.

As the outing kicked off on Good Friday, with temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in London making it the warmest day of the year so far, there was a standstill in several regions of the country – although the disruption is not as bad as initially feared.

An estimated 4.62 million journeys will be made across the UK, and another 22.48 million during the bank holiday weekend, which could be the busiest in years, according to the RAC. SPAM.

There has been a massive traffic jam on the M20 in Dover as P&O Dover-Calais services remain suspended, with some travelers complaining they missed the ferry after waiting for hours. The image shows huge lines of cars stretching for kilometers.

Cars pass long queues on the M20 in Kent
Cars pass long lines of convoys on the M20 in Kent. Photo: Daniel Leal / AFP / Getty Images

Ashley Griffiths-Beamon, 33, and her husband, Damian Griffiths-Beamon, 36, were married on Thursday and are expected to travel to Belgium for their honeymoon. They were left waiting 180 minutes at Dover and missed the ferry.

Ashley said: “I am very sad and disappointed. “We had great plans for today, but now they’re ruined.”

It comes as temperatures soar to 22 degrees Celsius in St James’s Park in central London on Good Friday afternoon – a climate similar to that in Athens and Madrid – and it is forecast to rise further. The previous high so far this year of 20.8C was recorded in March.

North Yorkshire experienced relatively pleasant weather on Friday afternoon, with temperatures in Scarborough as warm as those in Gibraltar and Istanbul.

Rail passengers have been advised to plan ahead and look for alternative routes amid widespread disruption until Monday evening. TransPennine Express asks customers to avoid its services for the whole weekend.

Train lines to Heathrow were also disrupted, with a section of the Piccadilly tube closed, while the Gatwick and Stansted Express lines were also closed for the weekend.

According to aviation data company Cirium, more than 9,000 flights were scheduled to depart from UK airports between Good Friday and Easter Monday. This is equivalent to 78% of the total for the same period before the pandemic in 2019.

Good Friday is expected to be the busiest, with around 2,430 departures. Some travelers complained of long queues and flight cancellations on Thursday night as many wanted to start their long journeys, with staff shortages and Covid-related absences blamed for the outbreak. interruption.


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