Rosie Giesler, 20, from Cambridge, raised £3,600 for her Raleigh International trip to Costa Rica by working and busking. She originally planned to go in 2021, but Covid-19 forced her to postpone.

Rosie handed over the cash on May 8, and spent more money on vaccinations and other necessary supplies before the trip.

On Wednesday of this week, she spoke to staff at the gap year charity and is full of confidence about her trip to Central America.

The next day, she learned that Raleigh International was closed, blaming “significant reductions in foreign aid and funding” as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

“Imagine how we felt when we received this news less than 24 hours later,” said her mother, Dawn.

“I hope we never see that money again. And she’s looking forward to adventure: travel and excitement and working in an age-old institution we hope we can trust.

“She is not the only one. It is a shame that these young people have worked so hard to raise funds and they have no other choice.”

Raleigh International, whose alumni include Prince William and Kate Middleton, was closed on Thursday afternoon. The charity’s trustees appointed the City’s Carter Backer Winter LLP (CBW) to subject it to voluntary liquidation by creditors.

A CBW spokesperson said: “The charity’s expeditions and programs have been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and related foreign travel restrictions. Its fundraising ability – personal as well as corporate funding – has also been negatively impacted by the UK government’s cuts to overseas funding, recent events in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis. current activity.

“Unfortunately, despite cost-cutting measures in place throughout Covid-19, the overall loss of income was due to the charity being unable to recover from the impact of the pandemic and the Trustee. The trust has been informed that the charity is insolvent and cannot continue operating.

“The charity notes that volunteers who have paid the charity will be well informed about the status of these funds and legal advice is being sought on this matter.”

All 47 personnel were made redundant and future expeditions cancelled.

Before its collapse, Raleigh International had strict rules about payment for its trips.

“50% of the minimum fundraising goal must be received by Raleigh International at least 10 weeks prior to the expedition departure date and 100% must be received by us at least six weeks prior to the expedition departure date,” people join is said.

Mary Chubb tweeted: “My son’s deadline is May 10th and he’s short so he already has all his savings.

“When was the decision made? Perhaps today the directors did not wake up and decide to stop trading. They must have known something was wrong, but still took money from all those kids.”

Volunteers and “volunteer managers” are now being notified: “As conversations are ongoing, we will be reaching out directly to all volunteers and volunteer managers involved. for more information in the coming days and weeks.

“We are exploring the possibility of working with partners to continue the Re:Green program in Scotland this summer.”

While Robert Fraser tweeted : “Shocked they took all the money from young people (deadline was three days ago), before closing.

“My sons have walked 177 miles and raised over £3,000 for them, now nothing.

“He was devastated.”


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