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Residency program invites emerging artists from North East England to Narva | News

Narva Art Residency (NART) is looking for an emerging artist from the North East of England to lead a program as part of the Baltic States Residency Exchange Programme|, organized in partnership with the Art Center Gaeteshead’s contemporary Baltic art. NART director Johanna Rannula told ERR News that despite being at opposite ends of Europe, Gateshead and Narva have a lot in common.

Baltic States Residence Exchange Program| supporting emerging artists and curators from the UK, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. It also enables artists and curators to research and develop professionally through a range of supported residencies, studio visits, research visits and curatorial commissions at the Center for Contemporary Art. Baltic Grand in Gateshead, UK, as well as other locations in the Baltic region.

In March 2024, Narva Art Residency (NART) will host an artist from the North East of England. During their stay, they will be invited to create interactive, socially engaged and/or community-based work relevant to the local population of the Estonian border town.

NART director Johanna Rannula told ERR News that although Narva and Gateshead are located on almost completely opposite sides of Europe, the towns still have quite a few similarities.

“Both are located in the Northeast according to the country they live in,” she said. Both are located on the periphery of the mainland and close to the sea, which gives a special feel to daily life there. Both are on the border.”

Rannula points out that although the border in Narva is much more visible and its presence is felt more strongly than in Gateshead, nevertheless, “the proximity of the border is what also determines how the city.”

She added: “Furthermore, the mining and industrial past is something the two places have in common, which determines the lifestyle of the locals there. We will see if the visiting artist also feels the same.” similarities or they will disagree”.

The border between Estonia and Russia is at Narva. Source: Dmitri Fedotkin/ERR

The program also aims to build relationships through cross-cultural exchanges connecting artists, arts professionals and institutions.

The Baltic Center for Contemporary Art, named after the Baltic Sea, was formerly a flour mill containing grains from the Baltic region and North East England with long-standing trade routes with the Baltic countries .

Participants are invited to respond to the current changing geopolitical landscape in Europe and develop work that explores borders, identity, citizenship and belonging. They are also encouraged to seek out points of connection between the Baltics and the North East of England, build networks with artistic communities and create dialogue across borders and geographies at this political and social moment. change quickly.

The residency program offers opportunities for participants to meet artists, curators and art professionals as well as visit art spaces in the host city (depending on location). Artists will also share their research and experiences with the public through an event or workshop during their stay in Narva.

The artists have participated in previous residencies as part of the Baltic| program States at the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art in Gateshead and at other partner venues including Andrius Arutiunian, Susie Green and Maria Kapajeva.

During his time in Gateshead, Kapajeva, who is originally from Narva, organized a workshop for the collective production of large-scale cyanotype prints, considering themes of migration, displacement and borders.

More information about the 2024 residency is available, including how to apply. This And This.

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