He wants “wealth creators, entrepreneurs” to push and make the world a better place.

Let’s just ignore how many CBI members are real wealth creators – most of them just administrators, like the Prime Minister – how do they feel about this?

These are the words of CBI general manager Tony Danker a few days ago. Immediate assistance to the poor to deal with the cost of living crisis is “moral imperative” and “unacceptable” when people have to choose between heating and food, he said.

He wants to cut taxes to stimulate investment, but since there is no case where the CBI doesn’t want to cut taxes, we can ignore that case.

The point is that the most famous business lobby group, using language that could come from Citizens Advice or even Oxfam, is saying that business is not the solution to the current situation.

The Conservatives want to take a step back from controlling the economy and let its donors keep doing it. And donors instead beg for constant intervention.

To a degree, it just shows how dire the current situation is and how bad it could get. On the other hand, it’s like a change in mindset.

When it comes to really big problems – like a pandemic – solutions can only come from big government, even big business says so.

Philosophically, intellectually, this is a real problem for people like Rishi Sunak. Everything about his entire upbringing makes it hard for him to think that individuals are best left alone to arrange their own lives. The clicks involved bootstraps and the rising tide lifted all the boats that were itching to get out of his mouth.

When can he return to his small government, tax-cutting scheme? Perhaps never.


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