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Ron DeSantis announcement: Florida governor files paperwork for 2024 run

DeSantis launches 2024 presidential campaign with political video

Ron DeSantis has officially entered the 2024 presidential race, after months of speculation, after officially filing his dossier with the Federal Election Commission.

The Florida governor will then join a live Twitter event with Elon Musk before his campaign releases the official launch video.

On Tuesday night, Casey DeSantis kicked off her husband’s campaign by posting a video of him getting ready to take the stage in front of the American flag.

“America is worth fighting for… All of it. Single. Time,” Ms DeSantis tweeted alongside the expensively produced video – although the video did cause some confusion when it came to using a British accent in the dub.

Mr. DeSantis, 44, is seen as Mr. Trump’s biggest rival in the Republican vote with some Republican lawmakers and the right-wing media backing him after the midterm elections.

However, the latest polls show Mr. DeSantis closely following Mr. Trump.

This comes as Mr DeSantis is about to go to war with Disney and push back against the NAACP’s advice, which warns tourists that Florida is “openly hostile” to Blacks, people of color and LGBT+ people due to his laws. .


Full story: Ron DeSantis officially files for 2024 presidential run

The Florida governor’s long-awaited move comes after a campaign announcement video posted on Twitter by his wife, Casey, a day earlier. His profile was first reported by Related press.

John Bowden have the latest.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 20:15


Ron DeSantis looked at me being tortured and said former prisoner of Guantanamo

A former prisoner of the Guantanamo Bay prison camp has claimed that Florida governor and 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis witnessed him being tortured while stationed there.

Mansoor Adayfi, a Yemeni citizen who was detained for 14 years at a US Navy base in Cuba, recounted independence in an unusual interview that he was brutally force-fed by camp staff during a hunger strike in 2006, and that Mr. DeSantis attended at least one of those sessions.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 20:00


DeSantis submits FEC documents confirming 2024 running for the White House

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has officially confirmed his 2024 run for the White House. submit your candidacy statement with the Federal Election Commission. He’s entering the race as Donald Trump’s primary opponent for the Republican nomination.

There will be an official launch event on Twitter Spaces at 6 p.m. ET tonight, hosted by David Sacks and Elon Musk.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 19:52


DeSantis jet was tracked by student spying on Elon Musk

Jack Sweeney, a student at the University of Central Florida, created a Twitter account called “@DeSantisJet”, which tracked the location of the plane Mr. DeSantis was using.

Alisha Rahman Sarkar report.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 19:30


DeSantis Drag Ban: Hamburger Mary’s sues Florida

A popular tug of war restaurant has filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis, alleging that the bill banning children from attending tug of war harms their business and violates the law. first judgment.

Hamburger Mary’s Orlando, a franchise location of the Hamburger Mary’s drag show restaurant chain, is alleging that the state of Florida, “Seeks to explicitly restrict or diminish speech and expression protected by the First Amendment.” ” in a lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of Florida on Monday.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 19:00


Why did DeSantis go to war with Disney?

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 18:30


Everything you need to know about the DeSantis 2024 campaign launch

The Florida governor, who is widely seen as Donald Trump’s top rival in the Republican presidential race, will kick off his bid for the White House during Wednesday night’s Twitter Spaces event with the billionaire.

The Twitter Spaces event will take place at 6 p.m. ET and be hosted by tech entrepreneur David Sacks, a supporter of Mr. DeSantis and a close business adviser to Mr. Musk, according to NBC News.

Following the event, Mr. DeSantis’ campaign will also release a video of his attempt to defeat Mr. Trump, and he will begin visiting key states after Memorial Day on May 29.

Graeme Massie have more details.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 18:10


Can DeSantis beat Trump?

Sunshine State political veterans tell Andrew Feinberg And Eric Garcia they’re not sure Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can best Donald Trump.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 17:45


nothing is funny

Ron DeSantis was mocked for a bizarre video showing him laughing at an Iowa auto show.

Mentally prepare, here it is:

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 17:30


Marjorie Taylor Greene calls DeSantis ‘not serious’ at launch of 2024 campaign on Twitter

“You don’t announce that you’re running for president of the United States in some little Twitter world. It is not a real world. Twitter isn’t real,” said Rep Greene.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 24, 2023 17:13


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