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Ron DeSantis news updates: Florida governor slams NAACP ‘stunt’ travel advisory as 2024 campaign launch nears

Florida governor expected to announce presidential run

Ron DeSantis is expected to officially enter the 2024 presidential race this week after months of speculation.

The Florida governor is expected to file formal paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Thursday, May 25, coinciding with the time he announced his candidacy after a meeting of sponsors. aid in Miami, Reuters reported last week.

This comes just days after the NAACP issued an advisory warning travelers that Florida is “openly hostile” to Blacks, people of color and LGBT+ people under a series of laws implemented by the governor in recent months.

Mr. DeSantis, 44, is seen as Donald Trump’s biggest opponent in the Republican vote and has been tipped to take his hat off to the ring for some time.

After the GOP’s disappointing midterm elections – where the “red wave” failed to appear and Mr Trump’s endorsed candidates failed – a number of Republican lawmakers and the right-wing media supported Mr. DeSantis.

However, the latest polls show Mr DeSantis trailing Mr Trump, with the RealClearPolitics average polling showing the former president 36 points ahead.

Mr DeSantis will enter an already crowded race, with Nikki Haley, Asa Hutchinson, Vivek Ramaswamy, Larry Elder and Tim Scott having announced bids.


Trump campaign knocks DeSantis out for latest Disney feud

The campaign calling for the former president to return to the White House sent out a fundraising email on May 18 after news of the halt to a plan to relocate thousands of employees to the Orlando area.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 22, 2023 19:00


Pro-Trump Super PAC uses Tim Scott’s announcement to mock Ron DeSantis

A super PAC supporting former president Donald Trump’s campaign used the entrance of Senator Tim Scott (R – South Carolina) in the 2024 Republican presidential race to attack his main opponent. he, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Make America Great Again Inc, a super PAC supporting Mr. Trump, used Mr. Scott’s planned announcement to repeat Mr. Trump’s attacks on Mr. DeSantis.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 22, 2023 18:30


The Voice: Tim Scott, the newest 2024 Republican nominee, is the most exciting -and most frustrating Senator

Oliver O’ConnellMay 22, 2023 18:00


Who is Casey DeSantis?

Here’s the profile of Florida’s first lady: a former TV broadcaster, mother of three and breast cancer survivor, who insiders recently said had too much of an influence on her life. with her husband’s policy views.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 22, 2023 17:30


Tim Scott launches 2024 presidential run

Senator Tim Scott, the only Black Republican in the United States Senate, has announced his candidacy for the Republican presidency, entering a crowded field.

Mr. Scott made the announcement at his home in North Charleston, where he talked about his humble upbringing, noting how his grandfather worked in the cotton fields of South Carolina.

“My family went from cotton to Congress in his lifetime. And that was possible because my grandfather had a stubborn faith.”

Oliver O’ConnellMay 22, 2023 17:00


Watch: Tim Scott Announces Running in 2024

Oliver O’ConnellMay 22, 2023 16:21


DeSantis criticizes NAACP for advising against travel to ‘openly hostile’ Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is dismissing any concerns about the NAACP issuing the order official consultation warns travelers that the Sunshine State is “openly hostile” to Blacks, people of color and LGBT+ people.

independence approached Mr. DeSantis’ office on Monday about the advice given by the largest and oldest civil rights organization in the United States on May 20.

Oliver O’ConnellMay 22, 2023 16:00


‘What if it’s not Biden or Trump?’

Because indy voiceSkylar Baker-Jordan addresses the assumption that next year’s race will simply be the end of a rematch of the ill-fated 2020 encounter between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Do the likes of Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley and Tim Scott really want to loosen Mr. Trump’s grip on the Republican ticket?

Joe SomerladMay 22, 2023 15:30


Are truckers really boycotting Florida over immigration policy?

In recent days, social media has been flooded with videos of truckers announcing they are boycotting Florida after Mr. DeSantis signed into law a bill that strictly enforces immigration.

According to social media posts, truckers across the United States have decided to simultaneously halt deliveries to the Sunshine State, citing tough immigration policies.

A TikToker who made a video about his own worries about the law, sanchezmanuel33, says independence that he believes “thousands” of truckers are involved.

However, it seems that there have not been any such mass demonstrations yet. So how did the story spread?

Joe SomerladMay 22, 2023 14:30


Tampa Pride event canceled due to latest DeSantis . anti-LGBT+ law

It’s not just the NAACP that feels alien to Florida in the DeSantis era.

Tampa Pride President Carrie West said last week that the event, held every September along the city’s waterfront, had to be canceled over concerns that its “pull brunches” would violate new state law.

“Really, I’m sorry,” she told WFLA. “I’m sorry this happened, but you will be the generation to make the change.”

Joe SomerladMay 22, 2023 14:00


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