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Rudy Farias’ aunts share outrage that mother isn’t being charged for lying about him being missing

Rudy Farias’ aunt, who police said was not really missing for the past eight years, called the boy’s mother’s decision not to charge “bulls***” at a news conference.

Police also said on Thursday that Farias’ mother Janie Santana had filed a missing report with her son on March 6, 2015 but he actually returned home the next day. An open investigation into the 25-year-old continued until his mother said he was discovered outside a church in Houston, Texas on June 29.

Mr. Farias’s three aunts, Santana’s sister, held a private press conference on Thursday, and they didn’t hold back their feelings about their sister.

“Janie is a hypothetical liar,” her sister said. “I’m not sure, but I have to say she knows a lot of people in [Houston Police Department] and that’s why her scary *** was covered up. Ms. Santana is believed to be married to an HPD . officer until his death in 2014, a year before her son went missing.

“Why did they let her go?” she asked.

“Those are bulls***,” added another aunt.

“For lying about he was kidnapped, which is not true, that he was taken to Mexico, that he was discovered in other states,” she continued. “She has people all over America looking for him.”

The aunts also disputed a photo that Santana gave the media on Monday, depicting Mr Farias at the hospital. His aunt said the photo was actually taken in 2012.

“Rudy is safe. He stayed with his mother by choice,” Houston police chief said, adding that Farias had contacted Adult Protective Services for help.

The aunts supported Mr Farias during their own press conference, sending a direct message to him: “We love you, your aunts, your cousins, we are behind you and we are right here. with you.”


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