Emma Hayward, 44, her husband, two young children and elderly mother have been without the necessary clothes or supplies since they arrived on the Spanish island from Manchester Airport on Saturday. The mother claims she and her husband spent €500 (£425) on new clothes, shoes and toiletries – and still don’t know where their bags are or when they might arrive.

She has repeatedly tried to contact Ryanair but claims she has been told they cannot help as that is the responsibility of Manchester Airport.

Talking to Manchester Evening News The mother of two from Spain said: ‘We always keep our luggage in our bags in case one of them goes missing, but we never expected them all to go missing. lost.

“At check-in as we had soft suitcases, we were told to put them on the conveyor belt in a separate area, which I have done before. When we landed, everyone seemed to disappear so so we think they might go out.

“We waited and waited but nothing came. We had to keep going to Ryanair reps and eventually they gave us the missing bag forms to fill in. We were told that our bags were ours. I’m still in Manchester and they’re on the next flight I said it’s got to be Tuesday and they said they’ll try and get them out of another airport.

“I’ve definitely called Ryanair 30 times and they keep saying it’s Manchester Airport’s fault. They say they sent the airport a message but they can’t get a hold of it.”

Emma, ​​from Cheshire, is now warning other travelers to pack as much essentials in their hand luggage as possible, after she claimed others were staying in her hotel also encountered the same problem.

Meanwhile, passengers flying back to Manchester on Sunday found “hundreds” of luggage “abandoned” in the luggage room as they waited for hours for their luggage to arrive.

And Emma says her experience, like that of many other tourists in and out of Manchester this week, has been disappointing. The family’s first holiday since the pandemic has been “a nightmare” in particular for Emma’s elderly mother.

“We’re a freelance company and the last few years have been difficult. It’s frustrating when you can’t relax because having to sort your bags is always on your mind. My mom is a lot more careful with this sort of thing. the things she wears so it’s a nightmare for her. It’s really not ideal at all,” Emma continued.

“I think our bags are somewhere in Manchester Airport but who knows if we’ll ever get them back. I can’t believe Ryanair doesn’t have their contact number.

“Yesterday we went shopping to buy some clothes because we really had nothing and spent about 500 euros on that alone. We will have to go again today because it is a nice hotel and you really can’t wear the same things you wear during the day and at night.

“We don’t know if we’ll get any compensation but I’m just trying to focus on getting my bag back. We’re lucky we can get out and have enough money to buy new clothes. Some people will not have enough money to spend.

“Three other families at our hotel also lost their bags because they also had a soft case. One of them had a young child. I called Fuerteventura and asked if our bags were on Tuesday’s flight. or not and they say no.” “

Baggage and check-in matters are the responsibility of the airline and its designated baggage handling agent.

Ryanair admitted a “luggage belt error” led to problems for a small number of passengers over the weekend.

A spokesman said: “Due to a baggage belt issue at Manchester Airport (on May 28), a small number of passengers failed to receive their checked baggage upon arrival at Fuerteventura. We are working on it. with its handlers at Manchester Airport to reunite the customer with their luggage and sincerely apologize to the customer for the delay.”


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