BRITS going on public holidays today had queues longer than “three times the length of the airport” in Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester.

It comes as British Airways employees will repeatedly demand pay within weeks, causing further travel chaos.


Passengers queuing for check-in at Manchester AirportCredit: LNP
The tourists are experiencing the photo lines that collide


The tourists are experiencing the photo lines that collideCredit: Zenpix

Shocking photos show disgruntled holidaymakers lining up for snacks around Manchester Airport this morning.

And those trying to leave Bristol today have had to wait longer.

In Birmingham, many visitors took to social media to share their disappointment.

One wrote: “Congratulations to Birmingham Airport, you’ve got a queue three times the length of the airport!

“For the second time this week, you failed your #SLA [service level agreements]. “

It comes as Ryanair crews have planned strikes in five countries starting today.

It will start today in Belgium and Portugal – while the staff in France and Italy will go out tomorrow.

UK flight attendants did not vote to strike – but the dispute will cause chaos for thousands of Britons returning to the UK from holiday destinations.

And yesterday it was revealed that British Airways workers at Heathrow had voted to go on strike this summer.

BA registrars and ground staff belonging to the GMB and Unite unions will go in succession, it has been announced.

A whopping 95% of those polled yesterday were in favor of taking action, with workers due to stop using the tools as early as July 8.

About 700 employees are expected to leave.

It comes as GMB seeks to reverse the 10% pay cuts to workers imposed during the pandemic.

BA said it offered a one-time 10% bonus, but not the same salary as before – and union bosses say the “one-time” fee is not enough.

Instead, they are calling for a full salary refund.

The summer walkout is the latest blow amid tumultuous days over the strike, as Britain’s railways resumed a pathetic stagnation today.

And it could get worse, fearing militant alliances have drawn up plans for a crippling second wave of attacks in just two weeks.

Negotiations between hardline RMT and Network Rail to block the passage of today fell apart in the noise last night.

At airports across the country, travelers have been feeling the stress of a widespread staffing crisis.

Passengers have been devastated by last-minute flight cancellations, huge queues and lost luggage as airports struggle to cope.

EasyJet plans to cut nearly 10,000 flights.

The cancellations – which are likely to include flights to holiday hotspots like Greece and Spain – will take place during July, August and September.

It eliminated 7% of the 16,000 cruises it expected to run between July and September.

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Earlier this week, more than 15,000 passengers were left in limbo after Heathrow Airport canceled 10% of their flights.

Photos taken at airports above and below the country show holiday hope spread across floors with bags piling up in tourist carnage.


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