a new day started quiet and warm with temperatures in the years above 60 to almost 70°. Maybe a few showers this morning. Don’t expect anything serious this morning. The risk of severe weather comes late this afternoon and early evening. The path of the storm in 6-10 hours. This current can bring strong winds, tornadoes and hail. Rain and storms will pass before midnight. Tonight’s salary will drop to a lower 40.

The weekend is much cooler with highest temperatures on Thursday and Friday with most spots in their 50s to under 60s with a mix of sunshine and clouds.

It gets even cooler as we head into this upcoming Easter weekend with high temperatures continuing to dip lower into the mid-50s with plenty of sunshine! Cooler temperatures will trend throughout next week with peaks on Monday and Tuesday in the lower 50s. We’re close to the mid-60s by the middle of next week!


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