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Special weather statement in effect as conditions favourable for funnel clouds (update)

In addition to the special weather declaration that went into effect on Saturday, Environment Canada has also issued a weather advisory stating that conditions will be favorable for the development of funnel clouds.

“These types of funnel clouds are created by weak rotation under fast-growing clouds or weak thunderstorms,” ​​the advisory said. “This weak rotation does not normally pose a danger near the ground. However, there is a possibility that this rotation could intensify and become a weak lander tornado.”

“Landing tornadoes usually don’t cause significant damage, but can still be dangerous. They can be powerful enough to topple trees, damage roofs or throw debris over short distances.”

Environment Canada says funnel clouds often develop without much warning.

“Take any funnel cloud seriously. If a funnel cloud develops nearby, prepare to take shelter,” it said.

The special weather declaration is as follows:

Local heavy rain is possible today.

Danger: Local heavy rain is possible with an amount close to 50 mm.

Time: Afternoon and tonight.

Discussion: Slow-moving showers and thunderstorms have developed and some areas could receive significant rainfall. Rainfall warnings may be issued.

For flood-related information, please refer to your local Conservation Authority or Ontario Forest and Natural Resources office. Visit for the latest details.

Heavy rain can cause flash floods and water stagnation on roads. If visibility is limited while driving, slow down, keep an eye on the taillights ahead, and be ready to stop. Possibility of local flooding in low-lying areas. Heavy rain combined with other weather factors such as hail, strong winds will make outdoor activities unsafe.

Please continue to monitor the warnings and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, email [email protected] or report tweets using #ONStorm.



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