Steven Spielberg said that ET was inspired by his parents’ divorce.

Speaking on Thursday (April 21) at an event marking 40 years since the classic’s premiere, the director discussed his parents’ separation in 1966, when he was in high school. learn.

Spielberg told an audience at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival that thinking about the event made him question the final scene in his 1977 UFO film. Close encounters of the third type.

“What if that little creature never returned to the ship?” he say. “What if this creature was part of a foreign exchange scheme? What if I turned my divorce story into a story of children, a family, trying to fill such a huge need and create such responsibility? ”

Spielberg continued: “A divorce creates great responsibility, especially if you have siblings; We all take care of each other. What if Elliott, or the child – I still haven’t dreamed of his name – was, for the first time in his life, responsible for a lifeform to fill the void in his heart?

“I’ve been working on a literal script of my parents’ divorce and divorce and I’ve been working on ideas about that and what it’s done to my sisters and myself. my body.”

Last week, Drew Barrymore discussed filming ET while interviewing on-screen mom Dee Wallace on her talk show.

Wallace claimed that Barrymore, who was only six years old when she played Gertie, Elliott’s sister in the sci-fi adventure, believed the alien puppets were real.

“They would put ET in a corner when he wasn’t working and we found Drew and her there, just talking to him,” Wallace said.


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