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Succession’s Matthew Macfadyen says Tom ‘broke’ in explosive argument with Shiv

heir Star Matthew Macfadyen has shared an explanation for Tom’s harsh words during an argument with his wife, Shiv (Sarah Snook).

The seventh episode of the fourth and final season of the series aired on Sunday evening (May 7) in the US. Since then, fans have reacted to a scene where an argument erupted between the estranged couple on a balcony outside a high-profile party.

Spoilers for episode seven, season four of heir below.

The thorny lines exchanged include Tom telling Shiv that she feels “f*** thin” and that she wouldn’t be a good mother – not knowing she was pregnant, very likely could be his child.

Meanwhile, Shiv calls Tom “trying and grumpy” and accuses him of stealing the last six months she could have with her father before he passed away.

HBO Official Speech heir podcast after the episode ended, Macfadyen shared his thoughts on what caused Tom, who is usually short-tempered with Shiv, to explode.

“It’s just the damn injustice he feels,” the actor said. “He thought maybe they were in a good place and he realized she had spent the whole party, when they should have held it together, to tell everyone he was getting ready to eat. retaliation. So something breaks.

Matthew Macfadyen and Sarah Snook as Tom and Shiv Successor


He told host Kara Swisher: “It only comes with a head. “The facade goes and he is unacceptable. I remember in that scene feeling terrible rage at its injustice. He spends a lot of time in diplomacy and politics, swallowing his tongue and letting her win and letting her have the last word, and maybe he didn’t this time.”

In Macfadyen’s view, Shiv is more traumatized by being the son of the late Logan Roy (Brian Cox).

“They don’t feel loved by their parents, so maybe you can’t love yourself or you can’t love anyone else and you’re not really confident. And I don’t think that’s necessarily true for Tom,” the actor added.

heir continues in the UK on Monday, May 15 at 2am and 9pm on Sky Atlantic and NOW.


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