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Merriam-Webster dictionary shares definition of ‘dramaturgically’ after Jeremy Strong’s viral usage

If there is any hesitation regarding Jeremy Strong’s status as a cultural icon, the Merriam-Webster dictionary has put the matter on hold.

In a post-chain feature after heirIn Strong’s startling third episode, Strong admitted that he wasn’t “surprised” by season four’s unbelievable plot.

“I think it makes dramatic sense. And then when I read the script, I found it shocking and very emotional,” said actor Kendall Roy.

Strong’s causal use of the word “dramaturgally” went viral after fans found his rather erudite word choice amusing, while others were bewildered, wondering if Is it a real word?

Days after the episode premiered on Sunday (April 9), Merriam-Webster – a publishing company known for its dictionaries – confirmed not to question the 44-year-old former student of the University. study at Yale.

“It’s dramatic | adverb | related to the art or technique of dramatic composition and theatrical performance,” the company tweeted.

Much heir fans responded to the post, praising Strong for his profound “influence”.

“Jeremy Strong, you will always be popular!!” An announcement.

“This is for Jeremy Strong,” a second commented. “Jeremy Strong is always right. Period, a third wrote.

“The Merriam-Webster team really scrambled to make it an official word in the dictionary as soon as Jeremy Strong coined the term,” another joked. “Sleepless nights at the Merriam-Webster headquarters office. Name a more influential actor.

And Strong’s impact doesn’t stop there. Clothing brand Reformation sarcastically used “dramatically” in their most recent marketing campaign.

*Warning, the following include potential vandals*

The actor’s use of the term is related to the shocking episode in the latest episode of the HBO drama, which saw the sudden death of patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox).

This installment has been considered “historic” by fans and critics alike. IN independenceReviewing the episode’s five stars, Philippa Snow argued that it would “go down in television history”.

heir airs at 9pm on Sundays on HBO Max in the US and Mondays on Sky Atlantic in the UK.


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