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Sudan live updates: First Britons back in UK after ‘chaotic’ evacuation – as warlord escapes from prison | World News

‘It’s chaotic – anyone can rob or shoot you’: Britons walk for hours to catch evacuation flights

A Brit in Khartoum plans to walk in four hours from his location to the Wadi Saeedna runway, despite the risk of being shot and running out of cash, in the hope of boarding an evacuation flight to the UK.

Tarig Babikir, 42, who used to live in Coventry, said: ‘I’m going through national army checkpoints and paramilitary checkpoints, and it’s very likely that I will encounter some gangs as well. armed party.

“I don’t carry cash because you can get robbed on the street, and I’ll hide my cell phone.”

Babikir’s mother is Ukrainian and his father is Sudanese, both with expired visas in the UK, so he will have to leave them with other relatives.

“My dad is recovering from a stroke, but the best option right now is to go and I will probably come back in a month,” he said.

He added that he has been informed by the UK government that two evacuation flights will leave on Wednesday evening and that he will be staying with a friend in Kent when he returns to the UK, adding: “There’s total anarchy right now, total chaos. Anyone can rob you, anyone can shoot you.”


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