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Suella Braverman’s most controversial quotes: from immigrant ‘invasions’ to the ‘wokerati’

Interior Minister Suella Braverman was angered today by protesters over her plan to curb illegal immigration by sending anyone to Rwanda on a small boat.

The outburst from social justice campaigners Extinction Rebellion came on the first day of the first National Conservatism Conference in London. The side event brought together supporters and representatives of the far right in the Conservative Party. The ideas being discussed are largely pro-Brexit, anti-immigration and protection of cultural traditions.

During her brief tenure as home secretary – once sacked for breaking ministerial rules by sending an official email from a personal account – Ms. Braverman has never been shy about making a controversial statement. argue. In fact, she seems to enjoy teasing her political opponents when given the opportunity, once joking that upsetting the Left would be her “fun”.

Here is a collection of some of her most controversial quotes:

‘Not racist against anyone, ethnic or otherwise, who wants to control our borders’

Speaking at the National Conservatism Conference in London, Braverman aimed to address criticism that many of her policy goals as home secretary were racist.

She has also said “we must not forget to do things for ourselves”, in response to criticism that post-Brexit immigration laws continue to cause labor shortages in the UK. She is drawing up plans to train UK workers to fill the jobs of fruit pickers and truck drivers, jobs that have long been filled by foreign workers.

‘The British people deserve to know which side is serious about stopping an invasion on our south coast and which is not’

Braverman said this in the Commons at the end of October 2022 during a debate about asylum processing centers. She called illegal immigration to the UK an ‘invasion’, saying the opposition could not be trusted to fight the issue.

This choice of words has caused a lot of criticism across the political spectrum. Soon after, she was confronted by 83-year-old Joan Salter, a Holocaust survivor and one of her voters, who said Braverman’s language reminded her of the language used by the Nazis. .

‘I would love to have a front page of walkie talkie with a plane taking off to Rwanda, it’s my dream, it’s my obsession’

Ms. Braverman said this in response to an audience on Question time in October 2022. Her Rwanda policy of sending asylum seekers to the UK illegally has drawn much criticism from political opponents, international courts as well as charities. human right. They are concerned about deporting people to a country with a dubious human rights record and are angry that the plan will include children and victims of modern slavery.

‘Street culture benefits’

This comment was made at a side event during the Conservative conference in 2017 when discussing how to help people not get the long-term benefits. She added: “We have a lot of carrots to get people to work but we have to add more conditions and be a little more consistent.

‘It’s the alliance of chaos, that’s Guard-read, eat tofu

This infamous quote came out in October 2022 during a Commons debate on the government’s Public Order Bill. Designed to expand police powers against protesters from groups like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion by making it easier for police to stop action, Ms. facilitating their disruptive actions, keeping the members glued to the paintings and streets, is the mysterious “wokerati”.

‘Focus on catching criminals, not controlling pronouns’

In September 2022, Braverman paused his immigration work to engage briefly in the transgender debate. The Home Secretary has launched criticism towards Sussex Police after it referred to convicted pedophile Sally Ann Dixon, who committed the crime as a man and later transgendered as a woman. woman, as a woman.

‘It’s not a secret society’

This comes from Miss Braverman Stressful interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy on Channel 4 before she became a house secretary. She has been toasted as a member of the European Study Group – a group of around 70-80 hardline MPs of the Eurosceptic Conservative party, of which Ms Braverman is the chair. former citizenship.


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