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! Spanish News Today – Summer Temperatures And Sunny Skies Continue: Spain Weather Apr 17-20

Posted Date: April 17, 2023

Sunny and dry weather will prevail over most of Spain in the coming days

Summer temperatures and sunny skies continue: Spain weather April 17-20

Monday, April 17 will bring some periods of cloudiness for the Balearic Islands and the Cantabrian coast, where there could also be a weak shower or two early in the morning. The high temperatures experienced over the weekend will linger in most of the country, with maximum temperatures in the low to mid-20s expected in most areas.

Mercury will increase significantly in northern Spain while the evenings will be significantly cooler in the southern pole.

Some light winds will hit coastal areas, although gusts are possible in Cadiz. As a result, parts of Andalucía, Catalonia and Galicia have been issued a yellow weather warning for strong winds.

This warning will be changed to an orange warning in Andalusia ABOVE Tuesday, April 18 when the winter winds strengthen, but they will have little effect on the rest of the country, which will enjoy another dry and sunny day. The Balearic Islands and the extreme north of the mainland will soon experience some periods of cloudy and light showers that have not been ruled out.

Daytime temperatures will drop in the northeast, southeast and northwest, but mercury will start to rise again at night.

As we approach the middle of the week, some changes are expected and a bright, pleasant day is forecast again in the middle of the week. Wednesday, April 19except for the Valencia hinterland, northern Galicia and the Cantabrian coast, which will start to get pretty overcast.

The highest afternoon temperatures will drop in western Galicia and the southernmost tip of the country, although temperatures will remain above 20ºC in most places and the Guadalquivir and Guadiana valleys in Extremadura could even rise. up to 30ºC. Nighttime temperatures will rise in central Spain, although weak frosts will linger inland.

A strong easterly wind will continue to blow north of Galicia, shifting into northern parts in the Balearic Islands and along the southeast coast. Andalucía maintains a yellow weather warning for gusts until 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Looking forward to Thursday, April 20 and yet another bright summer day awaits, with periods of cloud to be expected only in the extreme north of the country and in the north of the Canary Islands. This overcast system could produce a few weak showers around the Pyrenees, though no heavy rain is forecast.

Daytime temperatures will drop slightly in western Spain and the Canary Islands while temperatures soar in the rest of the country, reaching 27 degrees Celsius during the day. Murcia.

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