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The Super Mario Bros Movie smashes box office records despite poor reviews

Movie Super Mario Bros defied expectations and broke box office records in its opening weekend.

The animated film, adapted from Nintendo’s best-selling video game franchise and starring Chris Pratt, Charlie Day and Anya Taylor-Joy, was released in theaters last week.

On Sunday (April 9), it was reported that Super Mario Bros has grossed $377 million (£304.6 million) worldwide since its launch on Wednesday (April 5).

This marks the best opening weekend for an entire animated film (the previous record was held by Ice 2 at $358 million (£289 million)) and a video game adaptation (previously made by ghost at $210 million (£169.6 million)).

The Mario film also had the biggest opening of any film in 2023. In the US alone, the Mario film grossed $204.6 million (£165.3 million) in its first five days. first.

Movie Super Mario Brossuccess of the film in the face of negative critical reaction to the animated film.

In a two-star review, independence‘s Clarisse Loughrey says the film is an adventure in “comfortable mediocrity”.

“It’s hard to ask for that much from a Mario Bros movie when its source material has no historical plot, but aren’t we allowed to ask for a little more than mere prowess?” she writes.

‘Super Mario Bros Movie’

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On the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, Movie Super Mario Bros has a critics score of only 56% positive, marking it as “Rotten”.

However, it has a score of 96% among audience reviewers.

Last week, Elon Musk criticized critics for “disconnecting” for their negative reviews of the film.

Movie Super Mario Bros currently showing in theaters.

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