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Typhoon Mawar update: First typhoon in Philippines of 2023 prepares to make landfall as super cyclone

Guam emerges to find ‘big mess’ from Hurricane Mawar

After rapidly strengthening, Typhoon Mawar became the strongest storm of 2023 globally, based on Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC).

The JWTC said Mawar’s maximum winds had increased to 175 mph, accompanied by gusts of nearly 210 mph, as it headed towards the Philippines.

In its latest update, the Philippine state weather agency said Mawar had “slightly increased in intensity as it moved westward over the Philippine Sea”. This comes after the agency announced yesterday that the storm had regained the status of a “super typhoon”.

Experts say the storm has also surpassed the strength of any recorded hurricane in 2022.

Hurricane Mawar strengthened after a brief period of weakness as it passed Guam on Wednesday, pelting the island with heavy rains and winds that uprooted trees and blew roofs and cars off.

According to the Guam Electricity Authority, nearly all of the 52,000 households and businesses on the island lost power, with only 1,000 having power.

There were no reports of loss of life but extensive damage was reported, in addition to local flooding, falling debris and downed power lines.


Typhoon Mawar becomes the strongest storm of 2023

After rapidly strengthening, Typhoon Mawar became the most intense storm of 2023, based on Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC).

The JWTC said Mawar’s peak winds had increased to 175 mph, accompanied by gusts of nearly 210 mph.

The storm also surpassed the strength of any hurricane recorded in 2022 and is now equivalent to a Category 5 super typhoon.

These unprecedented wind speeds put the storm in the strongest annual storm ever recorded in May.

Stuti MishraMay 26, 2023 06:13


Image captures the wreckage left by Typhoon Mawar in Guam

Graig GraziosiMay 26, 2023 20:08


Mawar is now known as Betty when it enters the Philippine surveillance area

Super Typhoon Mawar has entered the Philippine surveillance area, where it is currently being referred to as “Betty” by observers.

The Philippines uses its own name for hurricanes that enter its “area of ​​responsibility”.

The storm is a Category 5, but is not expected to make significant landfall in the Philippines at its current strength.

Graig GraziosiMay 26, 2023 19:26


Mawar 9th storm since 1950 reaches Category 5 equivalent status in May

Only eight other storms have reached Category 5 in May since 1950. Mawar will be the ninth.

Hurricane season typically runs from April to December. Hurricanes that achieve Category 5 equivalent status early in the season are rare.

Graig GraziosiMay 26, 2023 18:09


SEE: Detailed image shows the direction of the super typhoon

Graig GraziosiMay 26, 2023 17:21


Super Typhoon Mawar may weaken as it approaches the Philippine surveillance area

Super Typhoon Maway may weaken slightly as it moves west of the Philippines.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration issued an advisory noting that the storm is likely to enter their monitoring area on Saturday and predicts that the storm will move. slow down during the day.

Services said the storm would also weaken significantly on Monday.

“MAWAR is forecast to remain in super typhoon status tonight through the weekend, although slight weakness remains,” PAGASA wrote. “However, this tropical storm is likely to weaken at a faster rate starting Monday during a slowdown due to potential adverse conditions (e.g., effects of colder ocean waters and the infiltration of dry air), although it is predicted to remain a hurricane by the end of the forecast period.”

Graig GraziosiMay 26, 2023 16:37


Jim Cantore shares satellite images of giant Mawar

Graig GraziosiMay 26, 2023 15:31


Flash flood, tsunami warning in effect

A wave warning has been issued for Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands ahead of Hurricane Mawar, according to the National Weather Service. That warning will continue through Saturday and cover the risk of offshore currents.

The agency also said there was a chance of heavy rain and flooding Friday night in the area.

Graig GraziosiMay 26, 2023 14:48


Typhoon Odette vs Mawar: The strongest storms make landfall in the Philippines

The Philippines is considered the most tropical cyclone-hit country in the world, with about 20 typhoons entering the Philippine Area of ​​Responsibility (PAR), the ocean area the country monitors every year.

As the country once again prepares for the onslaught of this powerful storm, here are some of the most powerful storms that have ravaged the country in recent times.

Stuti MishraMay 26, 2023 14:30


WATCH: Typhoon Mawar strengthens to super typhoon

Typhoon Mawar strengthens to Super Typhoon with sustained winds of 150 mph

Stuti MishraMay 26, 2023 14:00


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