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Sylvester Stallone claims former action rival Arnold Schwarzenegger ‘was superior’

Sylvester Stallone reflected on his past rivalry with action pioneer Arnold Schwarzenegger and humbly stated that destroyer “superior” star.

Both actors are known for their roles in action films early in their careers, with Stallone leading the charge. stone And rambo franchise and Schwarzenegger is the star of destroyer movie.

In particular, throughout the 1980s, working in the same genre sparked bitter feuds between movie stars as they tried to outdo each other in terms of achievement.

However, in the recently released Netflix documentary series on the life of Schwarzenegger, arnoldStallone acknowledges his former cinema rival’s skill set and how the two work together to redefine what action is.

Stallone, 76, recalls on the show: “The eighties were a very exciting time because the definitive ‘action guy’ hadn’t really taken shape yet.

“Up until that point, the action was a car chase like Bullitt or Connect Franceand a movie about wisdom and allusions and this and that.

Although when he starred in the first Rambo movie, First Bloodin 1982, Stallone realized that action movies could involve actual physical action by actors.

“You really rely on your body to tell the story,” he explains. “Dialogue is not necessary. I see that there is an opportunity, because no one else is doing this…except for another person from Austria, who doesn’t need to say much.”

The actor is referring to Schwarzenegger, who started his career in the limelight as a bodybuilding champion in Europe before joining Hollywood.

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Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger


Despite being available for similar roles, Stallone insists that he and Schwarzenegger have “different acting styles” — and that gives the film an edge. True lie star.

“He is superior. He has all the answers,” he said of Schwarzenegger. “He already has a body. He has strength. That is his character.”

The pair have long since worked out their problems and have been friends for decades, having starred together in films like Escape plan and all three Expendables movies together.

Stallone and Schwarzenegger have repeatedly acknowledged how different their dynamics are today compared to years ago.

Last year, Stallone described their past feud as being so extreme that they “couldn’t be in the same galaxy”.

arnold currently streaming on Netflix.


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