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UK tax level rises to highest on record – OECD

A Treasury spokesman said: “The UK tax system is highly competitive, with the lowest corporate tax rates and the most generous capital allowances in the OECD, while our tax-to-GDP I remain average in the G7 in 2028-29 – lower than France, Italy and Germany.

It’s a full house for X-Press in England & Wales

X-Press Legal Services is now officially the largest independent company providing property search services and a full range of products and services across England and Wales – which is great news for solicitors. transfer. This is also great news for X-Press, which now has complete...

A missed shot for women’s football

This is a recording of FT News Summary podcast episodes: 'Missing shot for women's football'Sonja Hutson Good morning from the Financial Times. Today is Monday, July 24th and this is your FT News Briefing. American companies are struggling to pay...

New England rain forecast today – NBC Boston

We've had four days of dry weather in a row, which hasn't happened much this month. We're running wetter than usual during the 2-inch season in Boston and we'll add a surplus on Friday. Mornings start to dry out — still with less humidity...

Drier weather in New England – NBC Boston

It was a very busy Sunday across New England with widespread heavy rainfall, flooding and even an EF-0 tornado in North Brookfield. The tornado had wind speeds of about 85 mph and lasted about 3 minutes. As the tornado threat decreased, the cases of...

Checking in baggage? That’s so 20th century

The man pays his way: Could renting clothes at your destination herald a luggage revolution?